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This extensive 14-course bundle covers some of today’s most important coding languages, from JavaScript and C# to HTML and Python. You’ll learn from some of the web’s best instructors, like Joseph Delgadillo (4.2 stars) and Avetis Ghukasyan (4.5 stars). The coursework takes a hands-on approach

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Varjo launches new generation of human-eye resolution VR headsets

Varjo has revealed its next generation of virtual reality headsets with “human-eye resolution,” or extremely sharp imagery for enterprise, medical, design, and engineering applications.

The new “XR/VR” headsets are called the XR-3 and VR-3, where the XR version combines VR and augmented reality in the same headset and the VR focuses only on virtual reality. The company said this new generation has twice the performance of the previous one.

Helsinki, Finland-based Varjo has steered clear of consumer applications such as gaming and is instead focused on bringing the sense of immersion and presence (feeling like you are somewhere else) to markets where precision is a must. Use cases include training doctors to complete a medical procedure.

“What makes this a next-generation product is that the performance is twice the performance of what we have had before,” Varjo chief marketing officer Jussi Mäkinen said in an interview with VentureBeat. “And the

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Scientists’ atomic resolution protein models reveal new details about protein binding — ScienceDaily

Knowing precisely where proteins are frustrated could go a long way toward making better drugs.

That’s one result of a new study by Rice University scientists looking for the mechanisms that stabilize or destabilize key sections of biomolecules.

Atom-scale models by Rice theorist Peter Wolynes, lead author and alumnus Mingchen Chen and their colleagues at the Center for Theoretical Biological Physics show that not only are some specific frustrated sequences in proteins necessary to allow them to function, locating them also offers clues to achieve better specificity for drugs.

That knowledge could also help design drugs with fewer side effects, Wolynes said.

The team’s open-access study appears in Nature Communications.

The atom-scale models zero in on the interactions within possible binding sites rather than the vast majority of the interactions in proteins that guide their folding. The finer resolution models allow the incorporation of co-factors like chemically active ligands,

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Impact of COVID-19 on Global Restaurant POS Software Market 2020 Research Report By Technology, By Resolution, By Application Global Forecast To 2029

Pune, Maharashtra, India, November 19 2020 (Wiredrelease) MarketDesk : Global Restaurant POS Software Market 2020 industry research report presents analysis of market size, share, and growth, trends, cost structure, statistical and comprehensive data of the industry market. Industry reports explains the major opportunities, CAGR, yearly growth rates to help the readers to study the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the Global Restaurant POS Software Market. The competition landscape, Top players overview, financials, recent developments and long-term investments related to the Global Restaurant POS Software Market are mentioned in this report.

The key segments covered in Restaurant POS Software industry report are geographical segments, end-use/application segments, and competitor segments. The local segment, regional supply, application, and wise demand, major players, prices are also available by 2029. Global Restaurant POS Software Market are mentioned in the competition landscape, company overview, financials, recent developments and future investments.

Access insightful study with over 100+

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Wide-field microscope imaging with large FOV and high resolution is achieved via ultracompact metalens array — ScienceDaily

The pursuit of ever-higher imaging resolution in microscopy is coupled with growing demands for compact portability and high throughput. While imaging performance has improved, conventional microscopes still suffer from the bulky, heavy elements and architectures associated with refractive optics. Metalenses offer a solution: they’re ultrathin, ultralight, and flat, and benefit from lots of recent research that has improved their efficiency, FOV, and polarization functionalities.

According to Tao Li, professor of engineering and applied sciences at Nanjing University, “An ultra-compact metalens for imaging will miniaturize and even revolutionize conventional optical devices.” Despite all the ongoing work to improve metalenses, most research groups are using them as a substitute for conventional refractive lenses in conventional optical settings. For metalenses to move toward real-world application, it’s important to learn how to integrate metalenses into ultracompact optical devices.

In pursuit of a compact integrated microscope system, Li’s team mounted a metalens on a CMOS

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AMD’s ‘Super Resolution’ DLSS competitor won’t arrive at launch for its RX 6000 GPUs

In a nutshell: Nvidia’s deep learning supersampling (DLSS) technology got off to a rocky start when it first arrived, but it improved substantially with its second iteration, DLSS 2.0. Unfortunately, it might be a while before we see how solid AMD’s alternative is. Though the Red Team’s next-gen GPUs are set to release this month, the company will not release its supersampling tech until sometime after its cards launch.

This news might disappoint AMD fans, but it’s worth noting that Nvidia’s supersampling technology also took a few months to properly launch. The first RTX GPUs arrived in September 2018, but DLSS 1.0 didn’t get any actual in-game implementations until February 2019.

Unfortunately for Nvidia fans at the time, the extra development time didn’t lead to a better initial product. Still, the case may well be different for AMD — the company has the benefit of being second to market, after

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Chip-based technology can create new options for ultrasound therapy with high resolution and intensity

A chip-based technology that generates sound profiles with high resolution and intensity could create new options for ultrasound therapy, which would become more effective and easier.

A team of researchers led by Peer Fischer from the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems and the University of Stuttgart has developed a projector that flexibly modulates three-dimensional ultrasound fields with comparatively little technical effort.

Dynamic sound pressure profiles can thus be generated with higher resolution and sound pressure than the current technology allows. It should soon be easier to tailor ultrasound profiles to individual patients. New medical applications for ultrasound may even emerge.

Ultrasound is widely used as a diagnostic tool in both medicine and materials science. It can also be used therapeutically. In the US, for example, tumors of the uterus and prostate are treated with high-power ultrasound.

The ultrasound destroys the cancer

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