‘Sistine Chapel Of The Ancients’ Cliff Drawings Revealed In Colombia

Tens of thousands of cliff drawings dating back to the Ice Age have been revealed on nearly eight miles of cliff faces in Colombia’s Amazon rainforest. Archaeologists are calling the discovery “the Sistine Chapel of the ancients.”

Dating back as far as 12,500 years ago, it is one of the world’s largest collections of prehistoric cliff paintings. The red-ocher murals depict an incredibly wide array of creatures, from humans, horses, tapirs, fish, alligators, turtles and birds to extinct species including giant sloths, mastodons, camelids and three-toe ungulates (hooved mammals) with trunks.

“We’re talking about several tens of thousands of paintings. It’s going to take generations to record them,” José Iriarte, an archaeologist at Exeter

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The Best DSLR Camera Cyber Monday Deals 2020: Top Canon, Nikon, Pentax & More Deals Revealed by Retail Egg

Cyber Monday 2020 deals experts list the latest DSLR camera deals for Cyber Monday 2020, including the top savings on Nikon, Pentax and Canon

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New mechanism of pain control revealed — ScienceDaily

Researchers in Japan have revealed a previously unknown mechanism for pain control involving a newly identified group of cells in the spinal cord, offering a potential target for enhancing the therapeutic effect of drugs for chronic pain.

While neurons may be the most well-known cells of the central nervous system, an assortment of non-neuronal cells first discovered in the mid-nineteenth century also play a wide variety of important roles.

Originally named after the Greek word for “glue,” these glial cells are now known to be much more than glue and in fact are critical elements for regulating neuronal development and function in the central nervous system.

Among the different types of glial cells, astrocytes are the most abundant in the central nervous system, but, unlike neurons in different brain regions, researchers still have yet to develop a detailed understanding of groupings of astrocytes with distinct properties.

Now, researchers led by

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Patch Notes Revealed For November 24

Developer Treyarch has rolled out another update for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S / Series X. Along with adding an ’80s-inspired Nuketown map, the patch address various bugs and gameplay stability issues.

The headlining feature is the addition of Nuketown ’84, an updated version of the classic Nuketown map flavored with a dash of the ’80s. Nuketown ’84 has been included in the Quick Play Core and Hardcore rotation list, as well as Custom Games, the 24/7 feature playlist, and Onslaught on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Treyarch has also enabled the Double XP event until November 30 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET.

The update also addresses stability issues across multiplayer and Zombies, fixes hit detection issues in Zombies, irons out problems with knife camos in multiplayer, and more.

This patch comes a

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FIFA 21 Next-Gen PS5 And Xbox Series X/S Details Revealed

EA has released the first details for the next-gen version of FIFA 21, coming to both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S on December 4. Those who already own the current-gen version of FIFA 21 can upgrade to this new version for free by making use of EA’s Dual Entitlement.

EA promises a huge leap forward in visual quality for next-gen FIFA, with a new deferred lighting system called LiveLight Rendering allowing the developer to create ultra-realistic football environments. Aside from recreating the world’s biggest stadiums in more detail than ever before, LiveLight Rendering also combines with muscle flex and strand-based hair technology to bring the sport’s stars to life with the series’ most detailed player recreations yet.

The EA Sports GameCam, meanwhile, is a new gameplay camera inspired by the look and feel of TV broadcasts. This, combined with a series of new pre-match cinematics and Big Goal Moments

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A Heap Of New Details On Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings MMO Have Been Revealed

As part of the acquisition of Leyou by gaming giant Tencent, a number of documents relating to Leyou’s collaboration with Amazon on a Lord Of The Rings MMO have been made public. The documents reveal some juicy new details about a project which, thus far, has been quite secretive.

The documents include a licensing agreement for the Tolkien property, which also makes mention of Lord of the Rings Online, an existing MMO that Amazon’s product will launch in direct competition with. The licensing agreement shows Leyou agreeing to pay over $8 million simply to secure the license for the Middle-earth game.

The documents also include a co-development agreement with Amazon, which involves the broader e-commerce company rather than specifying the gaming-specific Amazon Studios branch.

An amendment to the licensing agreement also includes a production schedule, which shows a rough timeline for the game–though notably the amendment was made prior to

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Fossils purported to be world’s earliest animals revealed as algae

Nov. 23 (UPI) — Fossils previously heralded as the earliest evidence of animal life have been revealed to be algae. The reinterpretation, announced Monday in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution, will force scientists to reconsider early animal evolution.

“It brings the oldest evidence for animals nearly 100 million years closer to the present day,” study co-author Lennart van Maldegem said in a news release.

“We were able to demonstrate that certain molecules from common algae can be altered by geological processes — leading to molecules which are indistinguishable from those produced by sponge-like animals,” said van Maldegem, a postdoctoral research fellow at the Australian National University.

The new research reverses the trend of fresh discoveries pushing the emergence of animal life further and further back on the evolutionary timeline.

For decades, scientists have struggled to pinpoint the origins of animal life, but recently, a series of discoveries suggested sponge-like

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Early Blink XT2, Indoor, Outdoor & Mini Security Camera Sales Revealed by Save Bubble

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Apple AirPods Studio headphones party trick revealed in new video

Over the years, plenty of new hardware and functionality has leaked in iOS developer betas from AirPods Pro to new Apple Watches. Now, the latest beta – iOS 14.3 – seems to give us a tiny preview of the much rumored AirPods Studio over-ear headphones.

icon: AirPods Studio icon

© Provided by T3
AirPods Studio icon

It comes in the form of the icon above which now appears in the internal system files, as spotted by 9to5Mac. The icon bears more than a passing resemblance to the photograph that leaker @choco_bit claimed were likely the Sport variant of AirPods Studio back in September: 

It also notably matches how Bloomberg described the prototype version earlier

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Apple’s over-the-ear headphones design REVEALED by new icon in iOS 14.3

a group of people standing in a room

© Provided by Zee Business

Apple’s over-the-ear headphones have been in the works for years and now a new icon of the headphones spotted in iOS 14.3 has revealed the first preview of what these might look like.

The icon was spotted in the beta version of the “Find My” app. A video posted on Twitter shows a magnifying glass hovering over the headphones icon, reports 9To5Mac.

The magnifying glass also passes over a backpack and a suitcase which would be ideal places to store Apple’s rumoured tile-like trackers.

The video reportedly found on the “Find My” app suggests it might be able to help a user find both the headphones and the trackers.

The new icon’s inclusion in the iOS 14.3 beta suggests that the headphones could be released alongside the software update.

The Apple headphones are said to have a retro-look with oval-shaped ear cups that swivel and

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