Somehow This Flexible Camera Strap Turns Into a Rigid Camera Support at the Flip of a Switch

After buying a nice camera, it doesn’t take long to amass a mountain of “necessary” accessories to help you get the perfect shot. The Conda Strap is a clever alternative to a heavy backpack full of photography gear, instantly turning a flexible neck strap into a rigid camera support.


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A good photographer doesn’t need a bag full of lenses, filters, flashes, or strobes to take good photos, but when you’re spending thousands of dollars on a camera, a neck strap is a highly recommended accessory. It not only makes it easier to carry a camera around all day, it’s also cheap insurance against your shooter taking a catastrophic tumble. Frii Designs, a company known for a clever rotating belt clip that keeps three alternate lenses in easy reach, has revealed its next innovative camera accessory that promises to support your camera whether it’s worn around your neck or

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