Why Can’t Shanghai Run A Public Offering?

In November 2007, the Shanghai stock exchange carried out an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for PetroChina
, China’s leading energy company. The share price soared 163% on the first day. PetroChina became (briefly) the world’s most valuable company. The Wall Street Journal called it a “stunning debut.” Western media noted that by some measures, PetroChina surpassed a $1 Trillion-dollar market capitalization — over a decade before Apple
did it. (Note: The question of the company’s true market cap was complicated by very different valuations of PetroChina shares trading on the Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York exchanges. But in any case, it was a huge deal.) 

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AI can run your work meetings now

Headroom is one of several apps advertising AI as the solution for your messy virtual/video meetings.
Enlarge / Headroom is one of several apps advertising AI as the solution for your messy virtual/video meetings.

Julian Green was explaining the big problem with meetings when our meeting started to glitch. The pixels of his face rearranged themselves. A sentence came out as hiccups. Then he sputtered, froze, and ghosted.

Green and I had been chatting on Headroom, a new video conferencing platform he and cofounder Andrew Rabinovich launched this fall. The glitch, they assured me, was not caused by their software, but by Green’s Wi-Fi connection. “I think the rest of my street is on homeschool,” he said, a problem that Headroom was not built to solve. It was built instead for other issues: the tedium of taking notes, the coworkers who drone on and on, and the difficulty in keeping everyone engaged. As we spoke, software tapped out a real-time transcription in a window next to

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4 Strategic Business Lessons From Entrepreneurs Who Run Their Business Completely Online

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has already brought enormous change in the way we do business. Millions of people are forced to run their business completely online, working from home. Of course change is inevitable in business, things change in time; but the pandemic made it compulsory to adapt to a new reality, to survive. Even after several months, the future still looks uncertain; the only thing we can be sure of at the moment is, doing business online.

Right now, for any entrepreneur, the main emphasis should be on sharpening the digital business strategies. Here, four entrepreneurs from different countries and different sectors share their experience and a lesson they’ve learned while running their completely online businesses.

Build your business based on what you’re good at,

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Don Brooks helped the Carnegie Institution run for a half-century. He died of covid-19 just months shy of retirement.

“He just was a gentle soul,” Doyle said. “Saying he was beloved by everybody was an understatement. . . . He just was sagely and so even-keeled that he could offer advice that many people said changed their lives.”

Brooks often got a flu when the seasons changed, and when he developed a cough in early October he insisted it was not serious.

But “he just laid there, and that’s not like him,” recalled his wife, Gloria Brooks. When he wasn’t working, her husband was “a fixer-upper” — always improving their Brookland house in some way. She persuaded him to see a doctor, and he was hospitalized immediately. She never saw him alive again; he died Oct. 24.

Brooks grew up in a sharecropping family in Natchez, Miss. He met his future wife in the two-room schoolhouse where his mother taught. In 1963, he and his younger brother were arrested

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Bank of America says these 2 areas in technology are still undervalued and have room to run in 2021

Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange shortly after the opening bell in New York, U.S., March 17, 2020.
  • After a year dominated by mega-cap tech stocks, Bank of America says the technology sector has more room to run in 2021. 
  • But next year’s trade will be about enterprise technology stocks like software, as well as areas of tech sensitive to the economic recovery like semiconductors, according to Savita Subramanian, the bank’s head of US equity and quantitative strategy. 
  • “The world is long FAANG,” said Subramanian, but software and semiconductors aren’t at as much of a crowding risk. 
  • “Technology to us is secular growth with a cyclical price tag,” the strategist told a Tuesday webinar. 
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Investors have piled into the FAANG trade, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other opportunities in tech, according to Bank of

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How Google’s Project Guideline Technology Helped A Blind Runner Gain ‘The Freedom To Run Solo’

In a blog post published last week, Google shared a first-person account by Thomas Panek on using Google’s Project Guideline technology to help him better pursue his passion for running. An avid runner, Panek, who is blind, has completed more than twenty marathons, including five Boston Marathons. Last year, he became the first blind runner to complete the New York City Half Marathon guided entirely by dogs. Panek is president and CEO at Guiding Eyes For The Blind. The organization helps people with vision loss access resources such as orientation & mobility training, guide dogs, and more. “[We] work tirelessly to help people with vision loss receive running guide dogs that can help them live more active and independent lives,” he wrote.

Project Guideline is a Google Research initiative, a group that tinkers with

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M1 Macs Able to Run Up to Six External Displays Using DisplayPort Adapters

It is possible to run up to six external displays from the M1 Mac mini, and five external displays from the M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, with the aid of DisplayPort adapters, according to YouTuber Ruslan Tulupov. This far exceeds Apple’s specified limits on external displays with the M1 Macs.

new mac mini logicpro screen

Apple’s host of new M1 Macs are not capable of supporting as many external displays as their Intel-based predecessors by default. The previous Intel-based MacBook Air could run one external 6K or 5K display or up to two external 4K displays, and the previous Intel-based MacBook Pro could run one external 5K display or up to two external 4K displays. The 2018 Intel-based Mac mini could run up to three 4K displays, or one 5K and one 4K display.

Apple says that the M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro can run one external display with up to 6K

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Blind man, ‘born to run,’ completes solo marathon with trial app to guide him

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A blind man completed a 5-kilometer (3.1-mile) run in New York’s Central Park without a guide dog or human help this week. His navigation aid? Artificial intelligence through headphones plugged into a smartphone.

“The safest thing for a blind man is to sit still. I ain’t sitting still,” said Thomas Panek, 50, who lost his vision in his early 20s due to a genetic condition and runs Guiding Eyes for the Blind, a guide dog school.

The marathon enthusiast got tired of having to follow slower runners as a guide. So he decided a year ago to find a way to run solo.

He turned to Google to find a way for a phone to “tell me where to go,” said Panek, who believes “humans are born to run.”

He worked with the Alphabet Inc unit to create a research program. A smartphone camera picks up

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YouTube will run ads on some creator videos, but it won’t give them any of the revenue

Starting today, YouTube will begin running ads on some creators’ videos, but it won’t give them a portion of the ad revenue because they’re not big enough to be enrolled in its Partner Program.

When advertisements run on YouTube videos, those creators typically receive a portion of the revenue through their role in YouTube’s Partner Program. With the new monetization rules, a creator who is not in the partner program “may see ads on some of your videos,” according to an update to the platform’s Terms of Service.

Prior to the update, YouTube says these videos only received ads in limited circumstances, like if they were monetized by a record label as part of a copyright claim. The update will mostly affect smaller creators without a huge viewership; YouTube’s Partner Program requires creators to have accrued 4,000 total hours of watch time over the last 12 months and have more

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This new Microsoft technology will make your web apps run a lot faster

With Project Nucleus, Microsoft aims to improve the performance and reliability of intranet-focused web apps, starting with Lists.


Image: Microsoft

Despite all the improvements Microsoft has made to it over the years, most people continue to think of SharePoint as a rather stodgy content storage system — a more formal, managed version of OneDrive with a workflow engine, as it were. But as Microsoft 365 CVP Jeff Teper is fond of pointing out, SharePoint is both an application and a platform: organisations can build apps on SharePoint that include workflow and approvals, and they can use the SharePoint Framework (SPFx, JavaScript controls that work with any of the JavaScript frameworks like React or Angular) to build intranet sites. 

OneDrive is now powered by SharePoint, and the new Lists application is actually using the SharePoint Graph API underneath. Microsoft Teams is in many ways a friendly way to access SharePoint resources:

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