Stanford rushes to comply with Trump executive order limiting diversity training

Stanford University is facing backlash from educators, students, and alumni for recently taking action to follow a Trump executive order that limits acknowledging the history of structural racism in the United States. Directives on how to modify diversity training were issued despite the fact that the order is likely to be rescinded in January when the new administration takes over. In some ways, a checklist issued to Stanford faculty appears to go beyond the Trump executive order, prohibiting any acknowledgment that “systemic racism exists at Stanford.”

The Stanford University checklist explicitly prohibits diversity training that discusses whether the United States is fundamentally racist or sexist or whether meritocracy is racist, sexist, or made by one race to oppress another. Additional documents from the university’s human resources department label diversity training related to critical race theory, white privilege, systemic racism, and racial humility as subject to review.

Stanford Assistant Vice President

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