Sadara conducts its first-ever technical event as part of its Technical Enrichment Programme | United Arab Emirates | Petrochemicals

Sadara executive management, engineers and other professionals gathered earlier this month for their first Technical Day event – a platform connecting Sadara’s professionals to exchange expertise, innovative ideas and success stories. The event was conducted as a major part of the new Sadara Technical Enrichment Programme (STEP), and due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was a virtual one, made possible by the very latest digital technologies.

The Sadara Technical Enrichment Programme (STEP) is a new initiative launched in early 2020 to provide an opportunity to share technical knowledge, innovation and expertise among the company’s professionals. STEP aims to boost the sharing of technical knowledge in different fields and thereby support Sadara’s journey toward being a world-class, leading organisation.

The 2-day live event featured keynote speeches from Sadara senior management and external guest speakers, technical paper presentations from Sadara employees, presentations from external guest speakers and interactive virtual training sessions. The

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