No, Barr was not part of a secret plot against President Trump.

Not long after Attorney General William P. Barr said on Tuesday that the Justice Department had found no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the election last month, the pro-Trump media world began circulating a falsehood about him. In this telling, Mr. Barr had been part of a plot by a secret cabal of elites against President Trump all along.

The most prominent right-wing personality who spread the baseless narrative was the Fox Business host Lou Dobbs. In his nightly show monologue on Tuesday, Mr. Dobbs said that Mr. Barr must be “either a liar or a fool or both” and suggested that he was “perhaps compromised.” Mr. Dobbs added that Mr. Barr “appeared to join in with the radical Dems and the deep state and the resistance.”

Mr. Dobbs’s unfounded accusation inspired dozens of Facebook posts and more than 14,000 likes and shares on the social network, as well

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Mysterious Utah monolith’s location no longer a secret

The location of the mysterious monolith discovered last week among the red rocks of eastern Utah was destined not to remain a secret for long.

Monday’s revelation set off a frenzy of internet sleuthing, and by Wednesday intrepid hikers were posting selfies with the gleaming 10-foot-tall sculpture.

Utah wildlife officials spotted the object during an aerial count of bighorn sheep on Nov. 18 — and it was the record of their helicopter’s flight path that revealed the coordinates posted by Reddit user Tim Slane.

Slane told BBC reporters that he found a point in the flight record that indicated the helicopter might have landed, and then he examined satellite images of that area, about 20 miles southwest of Moab. One image revealed a shadow apparently cast by a tall, slender object.

Video: This mystery object was found in the Utah desert

Among the Reddit readers intrigued by Slane’s posting of

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Poisonous Rats Have A Secret, Softer Side To Their Personality : NPR

The African crested rat is the only mammal known to sequester lethal plant toxins.

Stephanie Higgins

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Stephanie Higgins

The African crested rat is the only mammal known to sequester lethal plant toxins.

Stephanie Higgins

A poisonous rat that licks deadly toxins onto its own fur sounds like some kind of made-up nightmare species. But these creatures are real, and scientists now say they are also unexpectedly affectionate—at least with their own kind.

To would-be predators, the African crested rat, Lophiomys imhausi, is trouble. They dwell in forested areas on the eastern side of the continent, and people there have long known to steer clear of these elusive black and white rodents.

“If a dog tried to attack them, the dogs would get sick and die. So that information has been sort of circulating around for a very long time,” says Sara Weinstein, a researcher with the

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Study revealing the secret behind a key cellular process refutes biology textbooks

A hairpin loop from a pre-mRNA. Highlighted are the nucleobases (green) and the ribose-phosphate backbone (blue). Note that this is a single strand of RNA that folds back upon itself. Credit: Vossman/ Wikipedia

New research has identified and described a cellular process that, despite what textbooks say, has remained elusive to scientists until now—precisely how the copying of genetic material that, once started, is properly turned off.

The finding concerns a key process essential to life: the transcription phase of gene expression, which enables cells to live and do their jobs.

During transcription, an enzyme called RNA polymerase wraps itself around the double helix of DNA, using one strand to match nucleotides to make a copy of genetic material—resulting in a newly synthesized strand of RNA that breaks off when transcription is complete. That RNA enables production of proteins, which are essential to all life and perform most of the

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Apple’s secret weapon in AR is right in front of us

Sometime in the not-too-distant future, Apple will reportedly unveil an augmented- or mixed-reality headset. Apple hasn’t discussed any headgear yet. But augmented reality is alive and well on the iPhone — and it’s getting better fast. 

People Detection recognizes people and measures distance, using AR tech. 

© Scott Stein/CNET

People Detection recognizes people and measures distance, using AR tech. 

Apple began its AR journey in 2017, making a splash with virtual Ikea furniture and realistic-looking outdoor Pokemon Go battles. This year, I’ve been standing on street corners scanning fire hydrants with Apple’s new iPhone 12 Pro. I’ve mapped my house’s interior. I’ve navigated lava rivers on my floors.

In many ways, Apple’s depth-sensing lidar sensor on the latest iPhones and iPads, with its advanced 3D-scanning possibilities, feels like the backbone of the Apple headsets of the future.

Facebook, Microsoft and Magic Leap are already exploring goggles and glasses that aim to blend the virtual

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VC: tech founders are the Dems secret weapons in the election

  • Roy Bahat, a VC for Bloomberg Beta, moved his entire family from San Francisco to Wisconsin this year to help Democrats win back the state in the 2020 presidential election. 
  • He says that his work was just one example among many tech workers who mobilized in droves to improve voter turnout.
  • But the fight for political control isn’t over with Georgia’s Senate seats still to decide, so these same forces are helping the Democrats win the run-off elections there in January. 
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Bloomberg Beta’s early-stage investor Roy Bahat made headlines for being the venture capitalist who moved his whole family temporarily from San Francisco to Wisconsin to help Biden win the presidential election.

While his involvement was full-throttle, he says he was far from alone. Dozens of tech founders used their startup expertise to drive get-out-the-vote and civic engagement initiatives that reached millions of

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Scientists Now May Have Found The Secret


  • Europa glows continuously even on its nightside or the portion away from the sun
  • The glow results from a mix of energetic electrons and salts
  • Scientists believe the findings would help future studies to determine if Europa could harbor life

While we may be familiar with our moon glowing in the night sky, the manner in which Jupiter’s Europa pulsates in the dark has made it a scientific mystery.  A new study based on a mock-up model tries to uncover the secret behind the radiating glow. 

Previous studies have suggested that Europa’s surface could be a combination of ice and some commonly known salts on Earth, including Epsom salt and table salt. The new research, published Monday in Nature Astronomy, showed that when these salts combine with the water ice found on Europa’s surface, they emit light, giving the moon its glow-in-the-dark quality.  

By comparison, the Earth’s moon

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Prince William kept COVID-19 diagnosis a secret, royal sources confirm

William’s wife Kate and their children reportedly did not contract the virus.

Prince William was diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier this year and kept his diagnosis a secret from the public, royal sources confirm to ABC News.

William, 38, was diagnosed with the virus in April, according to the royal sources.

The future king did not go public with the news of his diagnosis because he did not want to cause alarm, according to a report in The Sun newspaper, which first reported Prince William’s diagnosis.

William’s diagnosis came shortly after his father, Prince Charles, was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Charles, the 71-year-old heir to the British throne, publicly announced he had tested positive through a Clarence House spokesperson in March. Both he and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, who did not have the

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Secret surfing life of remoras hitchhiking on blue whales — ScienceDaily

Sticking to the bodies of sharks and other larger marine life is a well-known specialty of remora fishes (Echeneidae) and their super-powered suction disks on their heads. But a new study has now fully documented the “suckerfish” in hitchhiking action below the ocean’s surface, uncovering a much more refined skillset that the fish uses for navigating intense hydrodynamics that come with trying to ride aboard a 100-ft. blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus).

In a study published Oct. 28 in the Journal of Experimental Biology, an international team of researchers studying the unique fluid environments of blue whales traveling off the coast of Palos Verdes and San Diego, CA has reported capturing the first-ever continuous recording of remora behavior on a host organism, using advanced biosensing tags with video recording capabilities.

The study shows the secrets behind the remora fish’s success in hitchhiking aboard baleen whales more than 30 times their

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What Are Diabolical Ironclad Beetles? Scientist Discover Secret Behind ‘Crush-Resistant’ Bugs

Although cockroaches are known for being able to survive just about anything, a new study found that the diabolical ironclad beetle is essentially “crush-resistant” when an extreme amount of pressure is put on it, like a car.

A study published on Wednesday in the journal Nature found that the beetle’s exoskeleton has made the insect indestructible. Although the diabolical ironclad beetle’s elytra, exoskeleton forewings, makes it unable to fly away from predators, it acts as durable armor that makes the bug “extremely impact-resistant and crush resistant.”

“The ironclad is a terrestrial beetle, so it’s not lightweight and fast but built more like a little tank,” David Kisailus, the principal investigator, said in a statement. 

“It can’t fly away, so it just stays put and lets its specially designed armor take the abuse until the predator gives up.”

When attacked, Kisailus revealed the exoskeleton won’t instantly break down, instead the tough

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