New U.S. Treasury Secretary Nominee Janet Yellen Made A Serious Bitcoin Warning

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden has confirmed reports he will nominate renowned labor economist Janet Yellen as his Treasury Secretary.

With bitcoin back at the forefront of global consciousness thanks to a return to its all-time high price, increased regulatory scrutiny could be just around the corner.

Yellen, who served as chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve from 2014 to 2018 and helped steer the Fed through the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis, has previously said she’s “not a fan” of bitcoin, warning “it is not a stable store of value.”

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“[Bitcoin] is not a stable store of value and it doesn’t constitute legal tender,”

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Antony Blinken: Biden’s secretary of state nominee is sharp break with Trump era | US news

After reports first emerged on Sunday night that Antony Blinken would be secretary of state in the Biden administration, one interview from his past began circulating on social media.

It was a September 2016 conversation with Grover, a character from Sesame Street, on the subject of refugees, directed at American children who might have new classmates from faraway countries. “We all have something to learn and gain from one another even when it doesn’t seem at first like we have much in common,” Blinken told the fuzzy blue puppet.

After four years of an administration that has separated migrant children from their parents and kept them in cages, Blinken’s arrival at the state department will mark a dramatic change, to say the least.

While Mike Pompeo has remained a domestic politician throughout his tenure as secretary of state, giving the lion’s share of his interviews to conservative radio stations

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Holcomb announces pick for new Indiana education secretary

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb has tapped his senior education advisor to serve as the state’s first secretary of education, marking the first time in more than a century the state schools superintendent position isn’t decided by voters.

Katie Jenner will officially take on the role Jan. 11 after current Superintendent of Public Instruction Jennifer McCormick leaves office. Jenner will immediately focus on helping schools navigate the coronavirus pandemic, in addition to shaping state policy on education funding, school accountability and testing, according to the governor’s office.

“This is an incredibly important time for education in Indiana,” Holcomb said in a statement Thursday. “(Jenner) has focused her entire career on investing in students, teachers and staff, and she will continue to build the relationships needed to move our state forward in constructive ways.”

Under new state law, the state schools chief was removed from the ballot in November.

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Secretary Lonnie Bunch on the Invisible Work of the Smithsonian’s Conservators | At the Smithsonian

After the Smithsonian collects an object, what happens to it? Some objects go on display, some become vital resources for researchers and scientists, some are loaned to peer institutions or federal agencies.

But none of this would be possible without conservation: the complex technical work to preserve, restore and research the 155 million objects in the Smithsonian collections. From pigment to porcelain, silk to stone, our conservators support the material needs of every Smithsonian museum. Whether protecting revered artifacts from rare bacteria or pioneering new methods in spectroscopy, Smithsonian staff combine object expertise and state-of-the-art technology to better understand the natural world, history, aerospace, archaeology and art.

I am awed by this work. It requires great technical acumen, ingenuity and meticulous attention to detail. Many of the objects we collect need serious TLC: intensive cleaning, painstaking repair, storage in a controlled and safe environment. And at the Smithsonian, we specialize

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Yellen Won’t Comment on Biden Treasury Secretary Job: NEF Update

(Bloomberg) — The four-day Bloomberg New Economy Forum kicked off on Monday morning with business and political leaders taking on issues from the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic to the future of global trade and climate change.


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The New Economy Forum is organized by Bloomberg Media Group, a division of Bloomberg LP, the parent company of Bloomberg News.

Yellen Won’t Comment on Biden Treasury Secretary Job (11:07 a.m.)

Former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen declined to comment on reports that she is in the running to be President-elect Joe Biden’s pick for Treasury Secretary.

“I don’t have anything for you on that I’m sorry,” Yellen during a panel at the forum. Asked if she thought she’d be good at the job, she said “It’s for other people to decide, I think.”

Bloomberg News reported on Nov. 13 that Yellen is under consideration to be President-elect Joe Biden’s

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A Conversation With United States Secretary Of The Air Force Barbara Barrett

Almost a year ago, Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett oversaw the launch of a new branch of our military, the U.S. Space Force, the first new service since the creation of the Air Force itself in 1947. 

In this sobering, eye-opening segment of What’s Ahead, Barrett persuasively explains the crucial need for a service totally focused on our needs in space. Like it or not, space has become a cockpit of power politics, a far cry from the peaceful area it was when we landed a man on the moon over 50 years ago. China and Russia have become aggressive. Beijing, for instance, used a missile to blow up one of its satellites to show what it could do to the thousands of satellites that now populate space. Barrett describes two hair-raising, space-based incidents that occurred with Russia. 

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Leidos Awarded Contract to Support the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness

RESTON, Va., Oct. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Leidos (NYSE:LDOS), a FORTUNE® 500 science and technology leader, has been awarded a contract by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness. Through this award, Leidos will provide services and support for the Defense Civilian Human Resource Management System (DCHRMS). The single award, firm-fixed-price (FFP), time and materials (T&M) contract holds a total potential value of approximately $75 million. It includes a one-year base period of performance with four additional one-year option periods. Work will be performed primarily in San Antonio, Texas.

“We are excited to leverage our world-class cloud technology for the Department of Defense,” said Dan Voce, Leidos senior vice president of enterprise cyber and solutions. “Leidos takes pride in our dedication to agility and excellence. By leveraging this technology, the speed and efficiency of DCHRMS will increase, while lowering costs.

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Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding the National Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technologies

Today, President Trump released the “National Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technologies,” which outlines how the United States will promote and protect our competitive edge in fields such as artificial intelligence, energy, quantum information science, communication and networking technologies, semiconductors, military, and space technologies.

As our competitors and adversaries mobilize vast resources in these fields, American dominance in science and technology is more important now than ever, and is vital to our long-term economic and national security.  The United States will not turn a blind eye to the tactics of countries like China and Russia, which steal technology, coerce companies into handing over intellectual property, undercut free and fair markets, and surreptitiously divert emerging civilian technologies to build up their militaries.

The Trump Administration’s critical and emerging technologies strategy establishes priority actions to protect our national security innovation base and secure our technology advantage by strengthening rules where gaps exist,

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Defence Secretary announces MOD Science and Technology Strategy 2020

We are living in a time of unprecedented change. Science and technology (S&T) are developing and proliferating faster than ever before and have become a new domain of international competition. New adversaries have emerged, alongside traditional threats, who actively undermine our democracy and society, supported by substantial and rapidly modernising militaries. Terrorist groups and non-state actors can access technologies and weapons far more sophisticated than before. The natural environment is challenging us with a global pandemic and we have reached the tipping point where decisive action on climate change is required.

The MOD Science and Technology Strategy 2020 sets out how MOD will secure and maintain scientific and technological advantage in future:

  • by prioritising investment to focus on the long term and adopting a challenge-led approach, defence aims to anticipate and shape new technologies and applications of technology, and to build the expertise, policies, and military concepts needed to take
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