Why You Should Stop Using This ‘Dangerous’ WhatsApp Setting On Your iPhone

WhatsApp is the world’s leading messenger—with two billion users sending 100 billion messages each day, no other platform comes close. WhatsApp built its userbase by offering a secure alternative to SMS, popularizing the availability of end-to-end encryption. On the surface, security remains central to the WhatsApp proposition. “Privacy and security are in our DNA,” it says. But that’s a mantle that’s now slipping. Delve beneath those marketing messages, though, and WhatsApp is not as secure as you might think.

Nowhere is this more evident than for new iPhone 12 users right now. When you come to move your WhatsApp account from your old device to your new one, you’ll be directed to use WhatsApp’s iCloud backup option to transfer your message history, media and settings. But those backups are not protected by WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption. It’s a serious privacy and security vulnerability—one that rivals iMessage and Signal have

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Four questions to ask yourself when setting up your office for the future of work

As noted in the previous article, the way in which we are working, from the largest of enterprises down to the smallest of businesses, is fundamentally changing. Even once the disruption of 2020 has settled and people are returning to work, the long-term impact of the year’s events will continue to resonate.

Throughout Asia Pacific, for example, people are going to want to continue to work from home, at least some of the time. Cisco data shows that over half the workforce expect to work from home at least eight days per month post-pandemic. When needed, they will come into the office, but working from home some of the time will allow them to preserve the work/life balance. It’s good for their employers, too, as this kind of flexible, fluid working environment allows for a host of benefits, ranging from improved productivity through to better staff morale, lower levels of

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Opinion | The Danger in White Moderates Setting Biden’s Agenda

The stakes for all of us are high.

With the coronavirus entering what some scientists say could be its deadliest wave yet, all of our social institutions are buckling under the stress. This pandemic did not only unleash a nimble biological threat to public health, it also politicized common-sense public health measures.

We do not have the testing strategy that every reputable scientist tells us we will need to return to merely normal political sectarianism. The right lost faith in science when science resisted racist declarations. The left lost faith in scientists when the right turned them into political pawns. We cannot even trust the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, whose missteps in providing good guidance to the public reinforced conspiracy theories and eased the way for its delegitimization by this administration.

The Trump administration carried out that delegitimization primarily as a shield for the president’s outright corruption and

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