Users can now share App Store subscriptions via Family Sharing

The ability to share app subscriptions via Family Sharing on iOS 14 and Apple’s other operating systems appears to be rolling out.

First announced in June as part of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and macOS Big Sur, the new feature lets users share subscriptions on compatible apps with family members under a single purchase. Previously, subscriptions purchased on the App Store could only apply to one account.

On Thursday, the feature appears to have gone live in iOS 14.2. According to Flighty app founder Ryan Jones, who first spotted the rollout, a setting to Share New Subscriptions is now available in the App Store Subscriptions pane. Users can also elect to share existing subscriptions to apps that offer the service.

Although enabled by default, Jones notes that members of his Family Sharing group weren’t notified of the new available subscriptions, and those subscriptions weren’t made available to them. However,

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WSGF Engages Analyst Research Coverage In Conjunction With New Sharing Economy Tech Business Serving Airbnb, VRBO and Market

DALLAS, Dec. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — World Series of Golf, Inc. (USOTC: WSGF) (“WSGF”), in conjunction with its new sharing economy technology business focus serving the short-term rental market through its subsidiary, Vaycaychella, has engaged Goldman Small Cap Research to conduct ongoing analyst coverage. Goldman expects to issue an initial research report next week, on Tuesday, December 8th, 2020.

Over the last three years, Vaycaychella has built a business serving short-term vacation rental operators with financing to acquire and renovate real-estate properties as vacation destinations.  Vaycaychella’s current customer base currently spans Caribbean vacation destination clients from Mexico to Puerto Rico. Vaycaychella has provided over $1 million in acquisition and renovation financing secured by 10 premium beachfront houses with a combined estimated value of approximately $10 million. Vaycaychella last week announced adding a boutique hotel to its portfolio of vacation properties. 

Now Vaycaychella is scaling its business

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Popl Set To Replace Business Cards With Instant Contact Sharing And New ‘Pro’ Subscription

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Popl, a new startup that lets you instantly share anything from your contact information to your social media – such as Instagram, Calendly, Snapchat, Spotify, Venmo and more – announced a major redesign of its iOS app and a premium subscription service called Popl Pro.

The new subscription service lets users create two unique profiles – one social, one business – and adds new features including multiple links, analytics, and new community-based mapping features to the Popl experience.

The redesigned Popl App and Popl Pro subscription advance the brand’s mission of replacing business cards and simplifying how we connect in person. The receiver does not need a Popl or the app for the transfer of information to work, allowing for the fastest, easiest and most fun way to connect and share with others.

“We are on a mission to change the way

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Senmiao Technology Announces Strategic Cooperation with Gaode Map for Utilization in Ride Sharing Initiatives

CHENGDU, China, Nov. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Senmiao Technology Limited (“Senmiao“) (Nasdaq: AIHS), a provider of automobile transaction and related services targeting the online ride-hailing industry as well as an operator of its own online ride-hailing platform in China, today announced initial results from its strategic cooperation with Gaode Map (“Gaode”) (AutoNavi Software, Co., Ltd), one of China’s leading map applications, to integrate its mapping functionality with Senmiao’s online ride-sharing platform, Xixingtianxia. Senmiao’s platform is targeting drivers and riders in Chengdu, China, one of its core cities with a population of approximately 16 million.

Gaode is one of China’s most popular map apps, and its operator AutoNavi Software Co., Ltd. is a Chinese web mapping, navigation and location-based services provider, founded in 2001 and acquired by Alibaba Group in 2014.

Xixingtianxia signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Gaode in April 2020 and drivers

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EU plans to open data to sharing in bid to rival Asia and U.S.

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – In an effort to avoid EU firms and citizens relying on data from Asian and U.S rivals, the European Commission is proposing new rules to allow sharing of public and personal data with businesses and research organisations.

FILE PHOTO: European Union flags flutter outside the European Commission headquarters in Brussels, Belgium August 21, 2020. REUTERS/Yves Herman

The European Union executive hopes that this could lead to improvements ranging from personalised health treatments, to better tackling climate change or developing precision farming techniques.

“Data should be accessible and the sharing of such data should be secure,” European Commission Vice-President Margrethe Vestager told a news briefing on Wednesday.

The Commission proposed a new model based on the neutrality and transparency of so-called “data intermediaries,” which would organise data sharing or pooling, to increase trust.

“For data to circulate, we need (people) to have confidence,” EU industry chief Thierry Breton

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British companies risk billions in new costs if EU blocks data sharing deal

British companies risk being hit with £1.6bn in new costs if Brexit negotiators fail to strike a deal over data standards, researchers have warned.

A report from the New Economics Foundation and UCL European Institute released today said that British companies were facing steep new legal fees if the EU decided that post-Brexit UK data standards were not adequate and halted data flows between the two regions. 

Organisations including banks, technology companies and insurance firms currently transfer data, such as personal information or financial details, between the EU and UK so that they can process it. 

After the Brexit transition period comes to an end, the UK will no longer be included under the EU data protection regime, and will require a separate “data adequacy agreement” to allow information to continue to pass to and from the bloc.

If such a deal is not agreed, companies could be forced to

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Digital Citizenship In The 21st Century. A New Dimension For Global Expansion, Sharing Markets And Developing New Services

Citizenship always used to be all in and in one country. As people are more and more fluid in the services they get and where they get them from, it is inevitable; there will be a separation of digital, physical, healthcare, and even government services. Imagine living in Fiji and getting services from Estonia with an e-residency. 

Siim Sikkut is the CIO for the government of Estonia. He is also titled as Deputy Secretary-General for IT and Telecom Strategy and policy setting and delivery on digital government, national cybersecurity, connectivity areas. He works inside the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Communications in an economy ranked just on the edge of the world’s 100 largest economies. He holds an MSC from the SOAS in London and sits on the OECD’s Senior Digital Governments Officials

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Sit down for this: Wheels starts deploying its unique style of scooters as part of Seattle sharing program

The Wheels electric scooter differs from competitors because riders sit rather than stand on the devices. (Wheels Photo)

The third option in the City of Seattle’s Scooter Share Program hit the streets on Monday as Wheels started deploying its unique, sit-down electric scooters.

Wheels was granted a permit along with Lime and LINK as part of a micro-mobility program authorized by the Seattle City Council in September. Like bike sharing, the free-floating scooters are intended to be another transportation option, accessible through a smartphone app, in neighborhoods across Seattle.

Wheels emerged from the selection process as the “most accessible option” because of its seated scooter. Unlike traditional stand-up models, the Wheels model is intended to offer greater stability because of its lower center of gravity. The company says that accessibility has attracted a broader demographic of riders, including half who are women and a third who are over the age

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Analysis finds common errors in pandemic information sharing on social media — ScienceDaily

The frantic swirl of coronavirus-related information sharing that took place this year on social media is the subject of a new analysis led by researchers at the School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI.

Published in the open-access journal Informatics, the study focuses on the sharing of data visualizations on Twitter — by health experts and average citizens alike — during the initial struggle to grasp the scope of the COVID-19 pandemic, and its effects on society. Many social media users continue to encounter similar charts and graphs every day, especially as a new wave of coronavirus cases has begun to surge across the globe.

The work found that more than half of the analyzed visualizations from average users contained one of five common errors that reduced their clarity, accuracy or trustworthiness.

“Experts have not yet begun to explore the world of casual visualizations on Twitter,” said Francesco Cafaro,

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WSGF Introduces Sharing Economy Tech Company Vaycaychella For The Short-Term Rental Market Soon To Be In The Airbnb IPO Spotlight

DALLAS, Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — World Series of Golf, Inc. (USOTC: WSGF) (“WSGF”) today formally introduced a new business direction.  The company’s new initiative has been in the works for some time now, and in light of recent milestones addressed herein, WSGF is excited to finally detail its new business direction, and highlight anticipated, pending benchmark achievements imminently anticipated.

In January of this year, as the result of efforts launched earlier in 2019, WSGF acquired a business named Vaycaychella.  Vaycaychella originated operations in 2017 serving the short-term vacation rental market.  Vaycaychella’s mission is to serve short-term vacation rental owners and investors with a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending application (app).  Vaycaychella’s plans  to introduce additional apps that serve short-term rental owners and investors by, for example, providing discounted access to rental amenity supplies, on demand maintenance services, insurance, security and international banking and credit card processing.

Vaycaychella has built a

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