Facebook will start paying UK news sites for news stories

As with the US News section, the UK tab will offer a mix of personalized and curated top stories. Facebook will normally show top headlines and stories, but will add news digests with original and “authoritative” reporting during major news cycles. The tab will build on the success of the US site, Facebook said, “where we’ve found more than 95 percent of the traffic Facebook News delivers to publishers is new audiences that have not interacted with those news outlets in the past.”

Facebook didn’t say how much it would pay publishers, but some expect millions of pounds each year from multi-year details, The Guardian reported. That means Facebook could be paying tens of millions in the UK alone, much-needed revenue for struggling news outlets. It may also feature smaller local sites that

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Amazon details cause of AWS outage that hobbled thousands of online sites and services

A past AWS re:Invent conference. (GeekWire Photo)

A “relatively small addition of capacity” to the Amazon Kinesis real-time data processing service triggered a widespread Amazon Web Services outage last week, the company said in a detailed technical analysis over the weekend.

The addition of the new capacity “caused all of the servers in the fleet to exceed the maximum number of threads allowed by an operating system configuration,”  describing a cascade of resulting problems that took down thousands of sites and services.

The outage impacted online services from big tech companies such as AdobeRokuTwilioFlickrAutodesk, and others, including New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority and the Washington Post, which is owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, was also impacted by the outage.

It was an especially ill-timed incident for Amazon, coming just days before its annual AWS re:Invent cloud conference. Reliability has

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Amazon Web Services is back up after a massive outage that hit sites including Roku, Adobe, and Target-owned Shipt

map: Down Detector

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Down Detector

  • Amazon Web Services has recovered after a massive outage on Wednesday.
  • The outage only affected one of AWS’s 24 regions, its US-East-1 Region, but it took down many popular web-based services.
  • Roku, Adobe, and Target-owned Shipt were among the sites impacted by the outage.
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is back up after being down for most of Wednesday.

“We have restored all traffic to Kinesis Data Streams via all endpoints and it is now operating normally,” the company said early Thursday morning.

Scores of websites rely on the internet infrastructure to function. The outage only affected one of AWS’s 24 regions, its US-East-1 Region, but it took down many popular web-based services that utilize its servers, like Roku, Flickr, and Adobe Spark, which were among those that have reported issues. The Verge first reported the outage.

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Amazon Web Service outage takes down major apps and sites

Screens show Amazon's logo

Amazon Web Services powers big players on the web. 

Getty Images

A prolonged outage of Amazon Web Services — a core component for a vast number of sites and apps — brought part of the internet to a halt Wednesday, as reported earlier by The Verge. The affected sites include not only major players on the web like Flickr, Adobe Spark and Roku, but at least three news outlets.

The Tampa Bay Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Capital Gazette all took to Twitter to inform readers of their AWS-related downtime. 

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Drupal sites vulnerable to double-extension attacks


Image: Durpal Project // Composition: ZDNet

The team behind the Drupal content management system (CMS) has released this week security updates to patch a critical vulnerability that is easy to exploit and can grant attackers full control over vulnerable sites.

Drupal, which is currently the fourth most used CMS on the internet after WordPress, Shopify, and Joomla, gave the vulnerability a rating of “Critical,” advising site owners to patch as soon as possible.

Tracked as CVE-2020-13671, the vulnerability is ridiculously simple to exploit and relies on the good ol’ “double extension” trick.

Attackers can add a second extension to a malicious file, upload it on a Drupal site through open upload fields, and have the malicious executed.

For example, a malicious file like malware.php could be renamed to malware.php.txt. When uploaded on a Drupal site, the file would be classified as a text file rather than

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Pub chain Mitchells & Butlers to close 20 sites

Closed pubs and restaurants in Shoreditch, east London, at the end of the first full week of the four week national lockdown in England. (Photo by Dominic Lipinski/PA Images via Getty Images)
Mitchells & Butlers, which has around 1,700 locations across the country and is headquartered in Birmingham, did not reveal how many of its 44,000 staff would be affected by the move, the newspaper said. Photo: Dominic Lipinski/PA Images via Getty Images

Mitchells & Butlers (MAB.L) is planning to close up to 20 of its pubs and restaurants in the UK, putting scores of jobs at risk, it has been reported.

The FTSE 250 bar and restaurant owner, which owns Harvester, Toby Carvery, O’Neill’s and All Bar One, is working with advisors CBRE to offload a number of leasehold sites that will face permanent closure if buyers cannot be found, the Telegraph reported.

Mitchells & Butlers, which has around 1,700 locations across the country and is headquartered in Birmingham, did not reveal how many of its 44,000 staff would be affected by the move, the newspaper said.

The company previously announced

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Online shopping on social media sites see 84% increase in Q3

  • In recent years, social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have used ecommerce as a means of monetizing their audiences. 
  • Amid the COVID-19 pandemic that trend has accelerated, with orders over social media increasing 84% in the third quarter, according to a Salesforce study. 
  • “For all intents and purposes, it becomes the next shopping mall,” Rob Garf of Salesforce said at Business Insider’s Ignition event Thursday, presented by Salesforce. “Don’t sleep on it.”
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Americans are shopping more and more on social media platforms, with sales on social growing 84% in the third quarter, according to new Salesforce report. 

“It’s a whole new baseline in digital shopping,” said Rob Garf, Vice President of Industry Insights at Salesforce’s Retail & Consumer Goods division, at Business Insider’s IGNITION: A Retail Revolution panel on Thursday. “It’s everything from TikTok to the hundreds of

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Brazil, US Join Hands In Shutting Down Piracy Sites, Apps In ‘Operation 404’


  • Brazil, U.S. target websites, apps that stream content illegally
  • Authorities seized three domains that were streaming pirated content
  • The domains are now in the custody of the federal government

The Brazilian government joined forces with the U.S. in initiating a campaign called “Operation 404” that is against websites and apps that are streaming TV shows and movies illegally.

According to a press release on the Department of Justice’s website, the operation, which is being led by Brazilian authorities, already took down various websites and apps that were illegally showcasing video content owned by the rightsholders in the U.S.

Brazil’s Secretariat of Integrated Operations (SEOPI) launched the operation in partnership with the U.S. Department of Justice and Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations unit.

The operation has determined three domains – megatorrentshd.biz, comandotorrentshd.tv, and bludv.tv – that were offering “free access to copyrighted content to website visitors all

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