This is the biggest discount we’ve seen all year on the crazy camera that lets your smartphone see anywhere

Wireless Borescope Camera

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Wireless Borescope Camera

  • Depstech wireless borescope cameras are always top-sellers among our readers, and today there are two terrific deals you should know about.
  • The Depstech WF020 wireless borescope camera is a new and improved version of our readers’ favorite model, and it’s 20% off right now.
  • If you want a high-end model that has its own display, the new Depstech DS430 borescope camera has an even deeper 30% discount.

When it comes to smartphone accessories, headphones like AirPods Pro and Tozo T6 earphones are the most popular option among our readers. Both of those best-selling models are discounted right now, by the way, but there’s another smartphone accessory that you might want to check out as well.

You might not even know what a borescope camera is unless you’ve been following BGR Deals for a while. If you have, you’ll know that these awesome little

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Samsung May Be Removing Charger & Earphones From Smartphone Boxes, Starting With Galaxy S21

diagram: Samsung May Be Removing Charger & Earphones From Smartphone Boxes, Starting With Galaxy S21

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Samsung May Be Removing Charger & Earphones From Smartphone Boxes, Starting With Galaxy S21

Samsung is reportedly considering to not include USB charging brick and earphones with the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S21 series. If true, Samsung would become the second major smartphone maker after Apple to not include these accessories with their latest smartphones. Notably, Samsung along with Xiaomi was recently seen mocking Apple for not shipping the charger (and EarPods) with the latest iPhone 12 series. The development was reported by SamMobile earlier today.

Samsung’s decision to ditch the USB charging brick and earphones from Galaxy S21 box reportedly stems from the same reasons that pushed Apple to remove these accessories with the new iPhone 12 series and Apple Watch 6 series. Apple had announced that by removing the power adapter with the phones’ box, the company would cut over 2 million metric tons of

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Video leak shows off TCL’s rollable smartphone screen tech

We’re now familiar with foldable phones, but what about phones with screens that roll up like a paper scroll? The technology could be here sooner than you think, and a newly leaked video shows off a prototype that TCL is working on.

TCL has been making noises about this sort of pull-out screen since the start of 2020, but this is the first time we’ve actually seen it in action. The footage shot at a product demo event, embedded below, gives you some idea of how the display would function.

According to GizChina, the screen can be collapsed and expanded some 200,000 times, so it should be able to hold up to your constant checking of social media. There are a few different designs on show, expanding both horizontally and vertically.

One of the prototypes shows a 4.5-inch display expanding to a full size of 6.7 inches – one size

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Do you have an old smartphone sitting in a drawer? It’s one in a pile worth $7.8 billion

There are currently more mobile phone connections (close to 33 million) than there are people in Australia, according to the consumer data researchers at Statista. 

Unless you can text simultaneously in each hand, this means there are heaps of powered-down phones just taking up space.

Rather than let your old smartphone sit in the odds-and-ends drawer and become less relevant by the day, you could think about selling it.

EBay estimates there is $7.8 billion in unused smartphones languishing in Australian households. The digital marketplace juggernaut says potential sellers could make up to $386 more by selling well-preserved devices via its platform instead of trading in after an upgrade.   

And it looks like plenty of Aussies are jumping on board, with 76,626 secondhand smartphone sales recorded on eBay since the beginning of 2020 – that’s around 11 handsets changing hands every hour.

Gumtree’s Second Hand Economy Report also shows there

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TCL world’s first rollable smartphone leaked in a video

The Chinese company TCL has started talking about rollable smartphones at the beginning of the year, at the January CES 2020. Now a video has appeared on the network showing a prototype of such a smartphone.

TCL world’s first rollable smartphone leaked in a video

A short video shows how a smartphone with a 4.5″ screen can stretch up to 6.7 inches without significantly increasing the thickness of the device.

TCL is developing a technology based on flexible backing OLED screens. The manufacturer said that at the moment such screens can be collapsed and expanded 200 thousand times.

At IFA, the Chinese manufacturer announced that it does not plan to bring devices with such a screen to the market until the end of 2020. However, Ross Young, Founder and Lead Analyst at DisplaySearch and DSCC, commented on the video, noting that there is a “race” with the release of such

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Your smartphone data may help report road status for quick repair. This is how

Motorists with smartphones could help highway chiefs maintain road quality by sending “crowdsourced” data from their mobiles that would allow engineers to assess when carriageway repairs are needed, according to a new UK study.

Road roughness is an important measure of condition and ride quality, but many agencies around the world with large road networks lack the resources to regularly check the state of their highways and make informed maintenance decisions.

Using high resolution three-axis accelerometers and GPS tracking already built into smartphones – together with a low-cost app – to record how a vehicle moves vertically in relation to the carriageway can provide a useful measure of road roughness for civil engineers.

Researchers at the University of Birmingham have studied the feasibility of using smartphones in this way, publishing their findings in ‘Journal of Infrastructure Systems’ recently.

“The most accurate automated methods of assessing road roughness use vehicles fitted

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What your smartphone will look like 25 years from now

DUBAI: For more than a century, until the mid-1990s, telephones were primarily used for making calls. Until then, the internet existed only in labs, hooking up universities. Twenty years later, the world totally went bananas with smartphones. It’s entire reason for being has changed completely. Today, phones are used as music player, chat/email device, exercise monitor, web browser, game machine, voice recorder, movie camera, film editing and display device, and a host of other whiz-bang functions. Who would have known phones would do all these within that short period of time?

Now, let’s take a peek into the future real quick. What would smartphones look like in the next 25 years? What features will they have that would look like mad science today? These are the top 5 on my list (feel free to add):

1. Type with your mind, search without typing

Today, you can unlock your phone with

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1st Look At The Dazzling New Smartphone

The new Huawei Mate 40 Pro has been unveiled and goes on sale shortly. I’ve been trying it out since minutes after it was announced and first impressions are strong.

MORE FROM FORBESHuawei Mate 40 Pro Suddenly Reveals Game-Changing Alternative To Google

I’ll be reviewing it fully in the coming days but here’s a bullet-point glance at its design.

No Google Mobile Services

There’s one element that’s no surprise: the continuing issues between Huawei and the U.S. government mean there’s no Google Mobile Services on this phone, which means no Google app, Gmail, Google Maps or Play Store.

But Petal Maps is here

I’ve been testing Petal Maps, Huawei’s own navigation app which is aimed to fill the gap caused by the absence of Google Maps. This

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Smartphone Test for Quick Stroke Diagnosis

Researchers at Penn State and Houston Methodist Hospital have developed a tool to aid doctors in rapidly diagnosing strokes. The technology uses a smartphone to record a patient’s speech and facial movements, and a machine-learning algorithm then processes these data to identify whether a stroke probably occured. The researchers have shown that their system is as accurate as an ER clinician in diagnosing stroke, and that it can provide accurate answers within minutes.

“When a patient experiences symptoms of a stroke, every minute counts,” said James Wang, a researcher involved in the study. “But when it comes to diagnosing a stroke, emergency room physicians have limited options: send the patient for often expensive and time-consuming radioactivity-based scans or call a neurologist – a specialist who may not be immediately available – to perform clinical diagnostic tests.”

Rapidly diagnosing and beginning treatment for a stroke is vitally important to limit long-term

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Google Pixel 4A perfects fundamentals of a smartphone

Review: Google Pixel 4A perfects fundamentals of a smartphone

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Review: Google Pixel 4A perfects fundamentals of a smartphone

It is no secret that Google has struggled selling its Pixel phones. In the last five years, a new Pixel would come — it would usually have a spectacular camera and simple to use software, but it would inexcusably get the fundamentals wrong. The first Pixel had an odd-looking design, the Pixel 2 XL had a massive issue with its display, the Pixel 3 had performance issues alongside a ridiculous bath-tub notch and the Pixel 4 had an atrocious battery life coupled with a sense-less radar system that didn’t allow Google to launch it in India.

For a company that had refined what smartphone photography should be with just its algorithms and software — getting these basics should’ve been table-stakes. But Google never cracked the code — it hilariously would stumble on the basics which have led

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