Spaceloon aims to take science beyond the stratosphere

Sub-orbital spaceflight is an expensive business, and the reliance on rocketry continues to limit access to space and leave gaps in our knowledge of the upper atmosphere. Spaceloon is looking to address these problems with its balloon technology, and you can get on board to help.

Balloons have long been used to collect scientific data about the Earth’s atmosphere, but current state-of-the-art high-altitude balloons can be unreliable and top out at altitudes of around 30 to 35 km (19 to 22 miles). In fact, the current record for the highest altitude for an unmanned balloon is 53.7 km (33.4 miles), achieved by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in 2013.

Spaceloon is reaching higher. With its patent-pending technology it is looking to enable altitude-specific, consistent and reliable access right up to altitudes of 80 km (50 miles) – that’s right through the stratosphere into the mesosphere, a region of the

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