Latin American Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference Reveals Latest Speakers

The Latin American Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference, the self-described “longest running bitcoin and blockchain event in its region,” has revealed some new speakers and attendees for its latest iteration, according to a press release from the group.

“Despite the global pandemic landscape, LABITCONF will continue to provide quality content on Bitcoin technology, as well as international monetary policies, legal challenges and the most innovative Blockchain implementations,” the release notes.

Speaking on the matter is Rodolfo Andragnes, the Chief General Coordinator of LABITCONF, who said:

“The financial chaos that has prevailed in Latin America has made it a revolutionary region in the adoption of new technologies and innovations in cryptocurrencies. Representatives from Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela will take to the stage to debate multi-sectorally and tell the global audience about the reality of Bitcoin and Blockchain in the region.”

  • Pillars of Bitcoin: The fundamentals of Bitcoin as a crypto

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Ditch the soundbar with new Amazon Echo speakers

Besides sporting a new round look, Amazon’s updated fourth generation Echo speakers have something else going for them. Buy a pair for $200 and they make fabulous TV speakers.

Amazon's Echo speaker used for TV sound

© Jefferson Graham
Amazon’s Echo speaker used for TV sound

Without wires spread across the room from the TV.


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TV’s have gotten way thinner and cheaper over the years, and a big casualty has been the tinny speaker, sending many consumers to soundbars that fit near the TV and connect directly. 

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The advantages to two Echo speakers instead are huge. Instead of paying anywhere from $100 to as much as $1,800 (which includes a multi-speaker soundbar setup) and having the sound coming from the other side of the room, you can put the little Amazon devices in your bedroom by the bed, and have

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First HomePod Jailbreak Stokes Speculation About Smart Speaker’s Hacking Potential

The team behind the “Checkra1n” jailbreaking tool for iOS claims to have used it to successfully jailbreak Apple’s HomePod, although it’s unclear what that could mean for the smart speaker in terms of hacking potential.

HomePod power cable plug

The news was announced by Twitter user L1ngL1ng, who shared a screenshot of a macOS Terminal window that appears to show command line root access to the ‌HomePod‌ over a secure shell (SSH) connection.

The command line grab suggests the device in question is an original 2018 ‌HomePod‌ model (with the identifier AudioAccessory 1,1) rather than Apple’s new HomePod mini (AudioAccessory 5,1). The original ‌HomePod‌ runs on an Apple-designed A8 chip, which is the same chip that was first introduced with the iPhone 6.

The development is a novel one indeed, but the practical utility of jailbreaking a ‌HomePod‌ is largely unknown, although that hasn’t stopped commenters on the r/jailbreak subreddit from speculating on

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