Dyson to spend $3.67bn on new technologies

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Dyson says it will invest an additional $3.67bn (£2.75bn) into new technologies and products over the next five years.

The investment will allow the company to double the number of products it sells, and expand into new areas.

The investments will be focused in Singapore, the UK, and the Philippines, and will focus on emerging technologies.

The company announced it would relocate from the UK to Singapore in 2019.

Dyson is best known for vacuum cleaners, air purifiers and hair dryers.

But the new investment will pay for more engineers and scientists in fields such as software, machine learning and robotics.

“Now is the time to invest in new technologies such as energy storage, robotics and software which will drive performance and sustainability in our products for the benefit of Dyson’s customers,” Dyson’s chief executive Ronald Krueger said.

“We will expand our existing product categories, as well

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Equinix to spend $55m on third Osaka data centre


Equinix’s HK4 colocation hall in Hong Kong

Image: Equinix

Equinix has announced plans to build a third International Business Exchange (IBX) data centre in Osaka, Japan.

The facility, to be known as OS3, will be the company’s 14th in the country, with 11 already in Tokyo.

Equinix said the additional Osaka data centre comes as the region has become a hub for startup companies and innovation. 

“It is gearing up to become Japan’s next international financial centre and drive the growth of the digital economy,” the company added. “With numerous businesses related to energy, healthcare and medical services, and manufacturing, Osaka has evolved to become a prime location for data centres in Japan, the second largest following Tokyo.”

The company said OS3 will offer close proximity to major internet and peering exchanges and an ecosystem of network, cloud, and digital content providers. It will also offer direct, low-latency connections to

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Brits to spend a quarter less this year

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Spending over the Black Friday period will likely be 23% lower than in 2019 due to COVID-19 and lockdown measures, according to a study. Photo: Justin Lim/Unsplash

Brits are expected to spend nearly a quarter less in Black Friday in 2020, research suggests.

Almost half (47%) the population intend to shop over this period, with the average shopper spending about £289.11, according survey of 2,002 UK adults by TopCashback.

This puts spending over the Black Friday period at about £6.58bn – a 23% decrease from 2019, when £8.57bn was spent.

With shops having shut their doors again, it’s unsurprising that signs point to an increase in online shopping this year ahead of the festive season.

Despite the projected decline in sales, over a third (37%) of shoppers said they are more inclined to shop over Black Friday this year because of COVID-19.

On average, they are expecting to buy over

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Realizing the Full Potential of Recovery Audits Through Technology and Spend Analytics

Whitepapers describe how companies can utilize technology and spend analytics to improve source-to-pay visibility and performance

ATLANTA, Nov. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PRGX Global, Inc. (Nasdaq: PRGX), a global leader in Recovery Audit and Spend Analytics services, announced two spend analytics and recovery audit whitepapers are available for download.

Across almost all industries, companies face the significant challenge of recovering profit leakage and maintaining supplier relations, while also aggregating, cleaning and classifying spend data across multiple decentralized systems and platforms. Without the proper resources, this level of complexity can hinder operations and create process gaps that result in millions of dollars in lost profit.

PRGX’s latest whitepapers are designed to help finance professionals better leverage technology and data to reinforce their recovery audit programs and gain a deeper view into their source-to-pay processes. The white papers include:

“New technology enables companies to capture more data than ever before, and

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Green Mountain Technology Launches New LTL Spend Management Solution

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Oct. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Green Mountain Technology (GMT) announced the launch of its new LTL Spend Management solution today.  GMT has provided Parcel Spend Management solutions to the largest brands in the U.S., and the rapidly growing company is expanding its Spend Management tools to include LTL. GMT’s new LTL Spend Management solution will provide unparalleled network visibility and analysis alongside strategic support to uncover optimization and efficiency opportunities.

“We’ve always focused on the unique needs of our customers and continually seek ways to enhance our offering and provide value,” said Craig Russell, CEO at GMT. “Our clients had a need for increased visibility and optimization for their LTL shipments. We’ve developed a technology platform that drives performance improvements across our clients parcel and LTL ecosystems.”

Jim Badovinac, VP of LTL Solutions at GMT added,

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