Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf says a lawsuit filed by President Trump’s campaign to stop counting of ballots in the state is “simply wrong.” (Nov. 4)

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President Donald Trump’s baseless claims that Democrats and former Vice President Joe Biden are attempting to “steal” the election are gaining momentum on social media, plunging Facebook and Twitter into the most dangerous and volatile period since Election Day.

Goaded by prominent conservatives, Trump supporters are rallying behind election-fraud conspiracies such as #StopTheSteal and #Sharpiegate, referring to the debunked claim that some Arizona ballots filled out using Sharpie markers were not being counted, even as results from battleground states put Biden on the brink of winning the presidency.

“We expect now at this point that these narratives are going to survive the election and last for quite a long time, perhaps becoming either consolidated into existing conspiracy frameworks such as QAnon or