Amazon’s Fire TV finally getting HBO Max, months after launch of new streaming service

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Almost six months after the launch of the new HBO Max streaming service, the platform is now coming to Amazon’s Fire TV.

HBO Max will be available starting Tuesday on Fire TV streaming devices, Fire TV Edition smart TVs and Fire Tablets. Customers who have an HBO subscription through Prime Video will have access to HBO Max for no additional cost by logging into the streaming service with their Amazon credentials.

When WarnerMedia rolled out HBO Max in May with a more robust lineup of content than traditional cable HBO, Amazon’s service was noticeably absent from the range of cable providers and tech platforms signed on to host it. HBO Max was developed in part at engineering in offices in Seattle.

Customers can use Amazon Alexa to navigate to the HBO Max app by saying “Alexa, find HBO Max” with Fire TV’s included Alexa Voice Remote or a

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Streaming TV Service, Philo, Donates $1 Million Dollars in Ad Impressions to 20+ Black-owned Businesses and Social Justice Organizations

Philo Furthers Mission of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by Partnering with Top Organizations Including Black Girls Rock, Color Of Change, Know Your Rights Camp, National Urban League, SIX/20, Social Change Fund, SONSON, The LIME Foundation, and the Thurgood Marshall College Fund

Popular entertainment and lifestyle streaming TV service, Philo, is proud to announce its commitment to support Black-owned businesses and social justice organizations by donating $1M dollars worth of ad impressions in 2020. Diversity, equity and inclusion are critical pillars of Philo as a company, and in light of recent events, Philo has used its platform to showcase organizations and businesses that uplift the Black community.

As a streaming service with more than 60 channels, the businesses and organizations have a prominent platform to showcase their work and gain awareness. The ad campaign is featured on Philo’s platform and inserted on channels like A&E, aspireTV, BET, CLEO TV, Food Network,

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Diversity, Streaming Reshape Video Games For A New Generation

In the quarter of a century since Sony launched the groundbreaking PlayStation, video games have exploded into the biggest form of entertainment in the world, and analysts say the growing diversity of billions of players is reshaping the industry.

The Japanese tech giant and its American rival Microsoft are preparing to launch their latest consoles next week, competing in a $160 billion global market — bigger than film and music combined.

Earlier seen as niche entertainment usually marketed to young men, gaming has benefited from a 1990s push to attract more customers, analysts say, with the PlayStation leading the way in breaking down gender, age and class barriers.

“In the last couple of decades, we have witnessed a strong move towards the democratisation of gaming. Twenty-five years ago, gaming was still considered by most people a marginal form of entertainment,” said Guilherme Fernandes, a market consultant at the gaming and

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Fortnite Could Come Back To Phones Via Streaming Service

Fortnite has been absent from the iOS App Store due to an ongoing legal battle between Epic and Apple, but iPhone and iPad players may soon have another solution available to them. Rather than run natively through iOS itself, you may soon be able to stream it thanks to Nvidia.

BBC reports that Nvidia has developed a version of its cloud service to run in Safari browsers, expected to roll out sometime this fall. This effectively circumvents Apple’s restrictions, since it doesn’t exercise tight controls on third-party services running through browsers on its phone.

That would make Fortnite one of several games available through the Nvidia service, though the free tier of Nvidia’s service is limited to an hour. But as the report notes, streaming the game could make it subject to lag that would put players at a competitive disadvantage.

Aside from its dispute with Epic over direct payments,

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Scienjoy Drives the Future of Live Streaming with Cutting-Edge Technology

BEIJING, Nov. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Scienjoy (Nasdaq: SJ), a leading provider of show live streaming social platforms in China, is applying cutting-edge 5G technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) to create a fully immersive user experiences, and drive the development of new modes of entertainment that combine online, offline, and virtual reality.

Scienjoy is pioneering the application of these 5G technologies across its diverse portfolio of platforms, which include Showself, Lehai TV, Haixiu TV, BeeLive International and BeeLive Chinese, as it helps drive a shift in live streaming from the unidirectional viewing experience of the past, to a new form of social media, where users are looking for chat and social connections with hosts and other fans.

Live streaming is a thriving market with diverse communities and millions of fans who tune in daily. The global video streaming market size had an estimated value

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Netflix hikes prices on standard and premium streaming subscriptions

is raising the monthly subscription fees for its standard and premium plans. A standard subscription, the most popular Netflix offering, will now cost $14 a month, or $1 more a month than before. A premium subscription — which unlocks 4K resolution and HDR, along with an increase in the number of screens you can simultaneously stream from — will now cost $18 a month, a jump of $2.

The move comes as many people continue to hunker down in their homes amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, putting extra emphasis on the demand for streaming entertainment from an increasingly crowded field. Within the last year, competition has arrived in the form of streaming services including Apple TV Plus
, Disney Plus, HBO Max
, Peacock and Quibi.

“We understand people have more entertainment choices than ever and we’re committed to delivering an even better experience for our

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Nintendo Switch Is Getting Control And Hitman 3 Via Cloud Streaming

The Nintendo Switch’s hardware might not be powerful enough to run games like Control or the upcoming Hitman 3, but that’s where the cloud can help. Both games are coming to the Switch via cloud streaming, marking the first time we’ve seen the feature leveraged on the hybrid console in North America.

Announced during the latest Nintendo Direct Mini, Control: Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version is available right now, and it requires a Nintendo Account as well as a high-speed internet connection. Before you purchase the game, you’ll have the chance to test your setup to make sure it will run smoothly. After confirming this, you’ll be able to purchase an access pass.

The game is the first on Switch to support ray tracing and it includes both expansions. With ray tracing enabled, it runs at 30 frames per second, while a performance mode pushes that to 60 frames per

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Facebook’s video game streaming push is a way to sell more ads

  • Facebook has a new video game service that enables games to be played from the cloud, streamed directly to your device, without a download.
  • The new service is a rare push into gaming from Facebook that makes more sense when paired with another Facebook announcement tied to the new service: “Cloud Playable Ads,” which Facebook said will “provide an authentic preview of a full game.”
  • The new ads may be a driving reason for Facebook, which along with Google controls the majority of digital advertising, to get into video game streaming.
  • The ads use cloud streaming to enable viewers to play a brief demo of a game, and are intended to “support interactive demos from a game’s native code, blurring the line between games and ads.” 
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Following Microsoft’s, Google’s, and Amazon’s lead, Facebook is the latest tech giant to push into the burgeoning

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Report: Apple won’t announce a streaming TV service at WWDC

Don’t cancel your cable subscription just yet.

Apple’s subscription TV service won’t be announced at WWDC, Re/code is reporting. According to unnamed sources, the official announcement of the highly anticipated new add-on to Apple TV has been pushed back because licensing deals for local programming have not been finalized.

Apple originally wanted to announce the TV service at WWDC next week in order to start building up hype. Apple TV’s subscription service was slated to launch in early fall to coincide with TV broadcast’s premiere schedule. It now looks like TV fans eager to join the cord-cutters club will have to wait until later this year (or maybe even early 2016!) to subscribe to Apple TV’s web service.

Despite the delay and negotiations pending, TV executives are looking forward to partnering with Apple. Just last week, CBS CEO Les Moonves told the audience at the Code Conference that he’s “pretty

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Xbox Head Phil Spencer Hints At Streaming Sticks For xCloud Gaming


  • Xbox’s Phil Spencer hinted that streaming sticks for xCloud gaming could happen in the future
  • Microsoft may also follow a tiered system for Xbox Game Pass with different levels of access 
  • The evolution of cloud gaming is opening up different possibilities for gamers and developers

As the xCloud gaming service evolves, Microsoft may see streaming sticks in the future.

Microsoft executive vice-president for gaming Phil Spencer recently shared that insight in an interview with Stratechery while addressing the possibility of a tiered system for Xbox Game Pass.

“I think you’re going to see lower-priced hardware as part of our ecosystem when you think about streaming sticks and other things that somebody might want to just go plug into their TV and go play via xCloud,” Spencer said.

“You could imagine us even having something that we just included in the Game Pass subscription that gave you an ability

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