Tire-related chemical is largely responsible for adult coho salmon deaths in urban streams — ScienceDaily

Every fall more than half of the coho salmon that return to Puget Sound’s urban streams die before they can spawn. In some streams, all of them die. But scientists didn’t know why.

Now a team led by researchers at the University of Washington Tacoma, UW and Washington State University Puyallup have discovered the answer. When it rains, stormwater flushes bits of aging vehicle tires on roads into neighboring streams. The killer is in the mix of chemicals that leach from tire wear particles: a molecule related to a preservative that keeps tires from breaking down too quickly.

This research was published Dec. 3 in Science.

“Most people think that we know what chemicals are toxic and all we have to do is control the amount of those chemicals to make sure water quality is fine. But, in fact, animals are exposed to this giant chemical soup and we

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Climate change: Why it could be time to cut back on new gadgets and HD streams

We need to cut global emissions, and fast – and in doing so, tech businesses are both part of the the problem – and the solution. A new report from the UK’s Royal Society finds that as technologies keep growing at pace, the onus is on the digital sector not only to reduce its own carbon footprint, but also to come up with innovative ways to reverse climate change globally. 

While there is no exact figure that sums up the impact of digital technologies on the environment, the report estimates that the sector currently represents between 1.4% and 5.9% of global greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, the industry is projected to make huge strides in the coming years: for example, the total number of internet users is expected to reach 5.3 billion by 2023, up from less than four billion in 2018. 

All this extra connectivity comes at

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‘Saved By The Bell’ And ‘The Flight Attendant’ Compete For Thanksgiving Streams

One is a revival of a classic 1990s sitcom. And the other stars one of the leading actors from the biggest sitcom in recent history. Saved by the Bell (Peacock) and The Flight Attendant (HBO Max) have both landed on streaming in time for Thanksgiving, but which one is America watching?

The long-awaited reboot of Saved by the Bell is one of the calling cards of NBC Universal’s
new Peacock streaming service and premiered its entire first season on Wednesday. WarnerMedia’s HBO Max launched the first three episodes of Flight Attendant Thursday after a weeklong preview window of the first episode for non-subscribers.

Both Peacock and Max are betting big on these buzzy new shows helping the fledgling streamers break big in Year 1, relying on familiar intellectual property and familiar names to draw in subscribers to compete with Disney+ and Netflix

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Police launch pilot program to tap resident Ring camera live streams

Law enforcement in Jackson, Mississippi has launched a pilot program that allows officers to tap into private surveillance devices during criminal investigations. 

On Monday, the AP reported that the trial, now signed off by the city, will last for 45 days.

The pilot program uses technology provided by Pileum and Fusus, an IT consultancy firm and a provider of a cloud-based video, sensor, and data feed platform for the law enforcement market. 

See also: FBI warned of how Ring doorbell surveillance can be used against police officers

WLBT says that up to five city-owned and five private cameras will be used during the trial. However, if the scheme is considered successful, residents could then be encouraged to submit their own cameras to the pool — drastically expanding the surveillance capabilities of local law enforcement.

Once a crime is reported, police will be able to “access cameras in the area” to

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YouTube takes down live streams with fake election results


YouTube took down videos with fake election results.

Angela Lang/CNET

This story is part of Elections 2020, CNET’s coverage of the run-up to voting in November.

YouTube on Tuesday said it took down multiple videos that live streamed fake election results, hours before polls closed anywhere in the country. 

The videos streamed the false results to thousands of viewers before they were deleted by the world’s largest video platform, which is owned by Google. Some of the videos ran advertisements, which means their creators were able to make money off of the content. 

“After careful review, we are removing livestreams that violate our Community Guidelines,” a YouTube spokesman said in a statement. “We have established policies prohibiting spam, deceptive practices & scams, and we continue to be

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Facebook’s New Cloud Gaming Service Streams Free-To-Play Mobile Games

Illustration for article titled Facebooks New Cloud Gaming Service Streams Free-To-Play Mobile Games

Image: Facebook Gaming

Google’s got Stadia, Amazon’s got Luna, and now Facebook has its own cloud gaming service. But don’t expect to stream console and PC hits on Facebook Gaming’s cloud. At launch, it’s all about free-to-play, microtransaction-packed mobile games.

Rolling out today in the U.S. in California, Texas, and the Northeast and mid-Atlantic states, Facebook Gaming’s cloud gaming offering isn’t so much a standalone service as it is an addition to the vast array of browser-based social games already available to play on the social media platform. Visitors to the Facebook Gaming landing page and Android app (no iOS support currently) in the beta testing areas will gain access to a selection of mobile games, including Asphalt 9: Legends, Mobile Legends: Adventure, PGA TOUR Golf Shootout, Solitaire: Arthur’s Tale, and WWE SuperCard. Rather than playing natively or launching their own apps, these games will stream to

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AOC plays Among Us on Twitch, sparking one of the most-watched streams ever


Someone’s happy with her League of Legends ranking. 

Getty Images

The election is around the corner. On Tuesday, US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hoped to use video games to inspire people to vote — and it probably worked. The New York Democrat also known as AOC streamed Among Us, one of the most popular online games, on Twitch alongside streamers Pokimane and Hasanabi. 

The stream peaked at 439,000 views, making it the third-highest-viewed single stream in Twitch history. The all-time record is Ninja’s, when he teamed up with Drake and Travis Scott in a game of Fortnite. Viewership ranged from 300,000 to 400,000 for most of the stream.

It began at around 8:40 p.m. ET, before the advertised 9 p.m. kickoff. Ocasio-Cortez took that time to encourage viewers to vote and, if

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