Extremely rare white giraffe gets tracker after poachers killed its family

An extremely rare white giraffe has been fitted with a tracking device for its protection after its family was killed by poachers.

The giraffe, in the Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy in southeast Kenya, has a rare genetic condition called leucism that causes partial loss of pigmentation in its skin. It was fitted with a tracking device on one of its horns Nov. 8, the Northern Rangelands Trust said in a statement Tuesday.

The trust says it’s the world’s only white giraffe, although another was spotted in Tanzania in 2015.

The device will send hourly updates on the animal’s whereabouts, so rangers can monitor its movements on a daily basis and keep it safe from poachers.

The unusual coloration makes the animal dangerously vulnerable to poachers in the wilderness.

Two other white giraffes in the conservancy, a female and her calf, were killed by poachers in March, the trust said, and concerns

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The new Amazfit Band 5 fitness tracker is on sale for $35


The Amazfit Band 5 is slim, capable and affordable, and it lets you choose between dozens of slick faces.

Rick Broida/CNET

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Looking for a budget fitness band to slap on your wrist? The new Amazfit Band 5 deserves careful consideration, and not just because it’s only $50. It’s because for a limited time, and while supplies last, the Amazfit Band 5 is on sale at Amazon for just $35. That’s for the black version; if you want it in orange or olive, Amazfit proper has it for the same price. This is the best deal to date; just last week, the sale price was $45.

If this looks a bit familiar, perhaps you’re thinking of the Xiaomi Mi Band

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Election Results: Live Tracker of Viral Disinformation

Disinformation about election fraud is thriving on YouTube, and right-wing outlets that most aggressively push false information are gaining new, conservative viewers on the video service, according to new research.

YouTube, which is owned by Google, has not taken down videos challenging the outcome of the election, including content that spreads false allegations. Instead, the company has said that it is fighting disinformation by elevating authoritative news sources in search results and recommendations, while slowing the spread of so-called borderline content — videos that bump up against its policies but do not violate them.

But data from an independent research project called Transparency Tube found that fringe, right-wing news channels aggressively pushing unfounded claims of widespread voter fraud are gaining a larger share of views among conservative YouTube channels than before the election.

At the same time, Fox News, which has been more reserved in promoting unsubstantiated claims of a

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One America News, ‘Stop The Steal’ Rallies: Live Tracker of Viral Disinformation

The country song has a jaunty, folksy cadence and offers the false narrative that the Democrats stole the election. It has also gone viral on social media, turning the ditty by a 27-year-old singer-songwriter from Pensacola, Fla., into a protest anthem for President Trump’s supporters.

“When I went to sleep Trump had the lead,” begins the song, which is called “Pallets Full of Ballots.” It continues: “They found pallets full of ballots at 3 a.m. All the way from Georgia to Michigan.”

The song, which erroneously suggests that Democrats stuffed “pallets full of ballots” to try and swing the vote, underlines how President Trump’s unsubstantiated accusations of voter fraud are infiltrating popular culture.

By Thursday, a video of the song had logged more than 650,000 views on YouTube, a week after it was posted. It was also released on Spotify. While YouTube affixed a label to the video of the

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One America News Spreads Debunked Election Claims: Live Disinformation Tracker

President Trump on Thursday spread new baseless claims about Dominion Voting Systems, which makes software that local governments around the nation use to help run their elections, fueling a conspiracy theory that Dominion “software glitches” changed vote tallies in Michigan and Georgia last week.

The Dominion software was used in only two of the five counties that had problems in Michigan and Georgia, and in every instance there was a detailed explanation for what had happened. In all of the cases, software did not affect the vote counts.

In the two Michigan counties that had mistakes, the inaccuracies were because of human errors, not software problems, according to the Michigan Department of State, county officials and election-security experts. Only one of the two Michigan counties used Dominion software.

Issues in three Georgia counties had other explanations. In one county, an apparent problem with Dominion software delayed officials’ reporting of the

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Remastered Edition price tracker for PlayStation 4

Beyond Enemy Lines - Remastered Edition
Type Game
Platform PS4
Discovered 09 Nov 2020
Last check 09 Nov 2020
Last on sale
Release date 09 Nov 2020

The world is near of nuclear apocalypse, a soviet seperatist group captured the control chip of a military satelite. It is your job to recover the chip! Equipped with state of the art weapons and equipment, you operate in absolute secrecy as a lone wolf far beyond enemy lines.Think your way in, observe your enemies, sneak into their base and complete your objective. You have total freedom to choose your path – guns blazing or silent assassin – it’s your choice! Beyond Enemy Lines is an unforgiving, intense experience where skill and tactical decisions matter!Beyond Enemy Lines: Remastered Edition contains a variety of of remastered content.Original Campaign8 mission long campaign with an average playtime of ~10h.Operation: Arctic Hawk – AddOnAn additional 4 mission long campaign

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Apple AirTags: Will we finally get the tracker tech at next week’s event?


Will we ever get AirTags?


This story is part of Apple Event, our full coverage of the latest news from Apple headquarters.

This fall, we’ve see two Apple events come and go, with plenty of new devices unveiled, including the iPhone 12, the Apple Watch 6 and a slate of new iPads. But we still haven’t seen the tech giant’s long-rumored smart tracker tags, thought to be called AirTags. 

We’re crossing our fingers that AirTags might finally make their grand entrance at Apple’s next virtual event on Tuesday, when the tech giant is expected to launch the first Mac laptop with Apple silicon (find out how to watch live here). Otherwise, it might not happen until March 2021, by tech analyst Jon Prosser’s estimations.

The AirTag tech was hinted at in the code for iOS 13 last summer, but rumors were circulating even before

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GoogleBig Tech Compliance Tracker: Google’s DOJ Suit

Here’s the latest news from Google and the technology industry, which is coming under increasing scrutiny from regulatory watchdogs and cabinet departments.

DOJ Files Antitrust Suit Against Google

The Department of Justice is filing an antitrust suit against Google for purportedly monopolizing search and ad markets.

The department had been looking into the tech company’s practices for more than a year. Eighty percent of U.S. search queries are conducted on search channels the tech firms owns or manages per the agency, as noted in the report.

Furthermore, attorneys general from multiple states are also intending to roll out a probe into Google.

Regulator: Japan Can Investigate Business Combination Involving Fitbit

The antitrust regulator in Japan can start an investigation into any business combination or partnership involving Fitbit if their scope is sufficiently large, Fair Trade Commission (FTC) Chairman Kazuyuki Furuya recently indicated, Reuters

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