ASPIRE to drive creation of future transformative technologies

a man wearing a hat: ASPIRE to drive creation of future transformative technologies

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ASPIRE to drive creation of future transformative technologies

The newly established Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC) has announced its plans to drive the creation of future transformative technologies with the launch of its dedicated technology programme management pillar, ASPIRE.

ASPIRE works in consultation with cross-sector industry stakeholders to frame problem statements that can be solved through research and development. By defining the problem, setting milestones, and monitoring the progress of the projects, Aspire facilitates a clear path from ‘lab to market.’ Aspire will make impactful decisions related to the selection of research partners and the allocation of funding. It will ensure that its R&D priorities align with Abu Dhabi and the UAE’s broader development goals.

ASPIRE will also launch grand challenges which will bring together local and global innovators to work on crucial research that aims to solve

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Introducing CIBO Impact: Transformative Technology that Supports the Scaling of Sustainable Farming Practices

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Oct. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — CIBO, the technology company that delivers decision-ready insights on all U.S. cropland, today announced the launch of CIBO Impact. The new capabilities are designed to help farmers generate and sell carbon credits from their regenerative farming practices on an annual basis. It also provides a marketplace for organizations and individuals wanting to offset their carbon footprint by purchasing credits directly from American farmers.

CIBO Impact provides a simple and clear process for farmers from enrollment to verification to credit sale.

CIBO Impact enables new possibilities for scaling and accelerating regenerative agriculture by making it simple for farmers to enroll their land and quantify carbon credits arising from sustainable farming practices. CIBO Impact automates the verification of practices and credits using CIBO’s remote sensing and computer vision. Once practices are verified, the credits are registered on the CIBO Impact marketplace where buyers

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McDermott’s Mark Lowman on the transformative potential of digital technology || Energy Digital

NORWICH, England, Oct. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The COVID-19 pandemic has awakened the energy sector to the transformative potential of digital technology. Inefficient, costly and ineffective manual processes are being overhauled, electrified and integrated into a vastly more connected way of living and working.

In our cover story this month we spoke with Mark Lowman, Vice President of Operations at McDermott, to find out how one of Oil and Gas’ most successful companies is navigating the change.

“When I started, digitalisation was in its infancy in the industry,” he explains. “McDermott was still working in the same way it always had with adequate systems and processes while not fully understanding the benefits of digitalisation. We have created our Digital and Project Innovation Group who are supported by resources across the organisation. This allows us to educate our employees and the leadership as we prepare to evolve to a

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