Many Americans Ignored Thanksgiving Travel Warnings From CDC, Data Show : Coronavirus Updates : NPR

More Americans stayed home for Thanksgiving this year compared with last year — but by relatively small margins.

An NPR analysis of mobile phone location data showed that 42% of Americans with smartphones remained home, up from 36% last year.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention repeatedly urged people to avoid holiday travel because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the warnings, 13% of Americans still traveled a significant distance, the data showed, although that number was down from 17% last year.

Ali Mokdad, from the University of Washington, said that ideally, more people would have stayed home given the high case rates. “This level of travel will unfortunately lead to a rise in cases,” said Mokdad, who is the chief strategy officer for Population Health.

Data, provided to NPR by SafeGraph, are based on tracking the locations of about 18 million mobile phones across the United States. NPR analyzed

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Coronavirus live news: Iran passes 1m Covid-19 cases; WHO looks at possible ‘e-vaccination certificates’ for travel | World news

The last remaining foreign staff of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) have left North Korea, the latest in a mass exodus of foreigners amid strict coronavirus lockdowns.

North Korea has reported zero confirmed cases of coronavirus, but the government has imposed stifling measures that in some cases go beyond the controls already in place in the politically and economically isolated country.

International ICRC staff left Pyongyang on Wednesday and the organisation’s ongoing work there will be managed by its delegation in Beijing, said Graziella Leite Piccoli, the ICRC’s deputy head of delegation for east Asia.

“They have completed their assignments in the DPRK,” she said, using the initials of North Korea’s official name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. “They will be going to their home countries to reunite with their families.”

The ICRC office remained open with very limited activities given the current anti-coronavirus

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Is It The Key to Hypersonic Air Travel?

sodramjet engine

Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Mechanics/Handout

  • An adapted scramjet called a “sodramjet” could reach Mach 16 flight by leveraging sonic booms.
  • The experimental engine is Chinese, but based on American ideas dating back 40 years or more.
  • Turning sonic booms into combustion addresses a key, “fatal” flaw in scramjet designs.

    A Chinese-made “sodramjet” engine has reached nine times the speed of sound in a wind tunnel test. The engine could power an aircraft to reach anywhere in the world within two hours, the makers say.

    You love badass tech of the future. So do we. Let’s nerd out over this stuff together.

    Scientists say the sodramjet (short for “standing oblique detonation ramjet engine”) could be the first real hope for hypersonic flight—many times the speed of sound, and something that would bring both global travel and space travel much closer to home.

    “With reusable trans-atmospheric planes, we can

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    Global Travel Vaccines Market 2020 Upcoming Trends, Latest Innovation, Advance Technology and Top Companies to 2026

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    Nov 29, 2020 (CDN Newswire via Comtex) —
    Global Travel Vaccines Market 2020 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2026 offers end to end industry from the definition, product specifications, and demand till forecast prospects. The report studies the industry coverage, current market status, and market outlook and forecast by 2026. This is an all-inclusive document that comprises crucial information about top players, market trends, pricing analysis, and an overview of the market. The report states industry developmental factors, historical performance from 2015-2026. The segmental market view by types of products, applications, end-users, and top vendors is given. Then it covers market size estimation, share, growth rate, global position, and regional analysis of the market. The report also covers forecast estimations for investments in the global Travel Vaccines industry from 2020 to 2026.

    Competitive Rivalry:

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    Centre to weigh commercial viability of hyperloop travel system

    NEW DELHI: The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government is weighing the commercial viability of Hyperloop as a travel system in the country. This is being done in a bid to transform India’s public transportation system and roll out new-age transport technology. t

    Over the next six months, a committee of officers will study the safety standards, regulations as well as the cost involved as compared with other forms of transport system such as metro, said a government official aware of the development.

    Hyperloop is a travel system that uses pods or vehicles travelling at high speed through low-pressure tubes erected on columns or tunneled underground using magnetic levitation. It is based on an idea mooted by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk.

    “We need to see how competent and safe this technology is. We would need separate regulations for such a transport system. Apart from these, we need to cautiously assess the

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    Space travel can adversely impact energy production in a cell — ScienceDaily

    Studies of both mice and humans who have traveled into space reveal that critical parts of a cell’s energy production machinery, the mitochondria, can be made dysfunctional due to changes in gravity, radiation exposure and other factors, according to investigators at Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. These findings are part of an extensive research effort across many scientific disciplines to look at the health effects of travel into space. The research has implications for future space travel as well as how metabolic changes due to space travel could inform medical science on earth.

    The findings appeared November 25, 2020, in Cell and are part of a larger compendium of research into health aspects of space travel that appears concurrently in Cell, Cell Reports, Cell Systems, Patterns, and iScience.

    “My group’s research efforts centered around muscle tissue from mice that were sent into space and were compared with analyses

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    Emirates Sees 2022 Return of Jumbo A380s as Travel Recovers

    (Bloomberg) — Emirates sees a sharp recovery in demand for air travel next year as coronavirus vaccines are distributed around the world, meaning the carrier’s full fleet of jumbo Airbus SE A380 jets could return to the skies by early 2022.

    a large passenger jet sitting on top of a runway: An Emirates airplane, the double-decker Airbus A380 at Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport.

    © Photographer: NurPhoto/NurPhoto
    An Emirates airplane, the double-decker Airbus A380 at Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport.

    Progress on the production and transportation of inoculations should be evident by the second quarter of next year, President Tim Clark said in an interview with Bloomberg TV on Wednesday. That will lead to a release in pent-up demand “across all segments” led by those who have had to shelve travel plans during the pandemic, he said.


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    “I can see demand for travel moving at pace,” Clark said. “My own view, and it’s always an optimistic view, is by end of next calendar year or the first quarter of 2022 we’ll have

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    New Supersonic Travel Options Emerge On Earth And Mars

    Supersonic flight is suddenly a hot topic again, with Aerion Supersonic and Spire Global jointly announcing new technology to reduce high-altitude contrails on a new supersonic commercial aircraft.

    Plane contrails are a known contributor to global warming and Spire plans to use its network of satellites to make the best predictions of flight paths to reduce contrail formation. The partnership will “increase fuel conservation, improve operational efficiencies, and reduce the environmental footprint” of supersonic technology overall, said Peter Platzer, CEO of Spire Global, in a statement.

    The news comes amid a slew of supersonic aircraft announcements in the last few weeks, including startup Hermeus raising $16 million in a Series A fundraiser, and Boom Supersonic announcing a new collaboration with Collins Aerospace for its own supersonic jet. Virgin Galactic also

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    The Key to Interstellar Travel

    • Engineers are designing a rocket engine powered by the sun.
    • The engine would use heated and pressurized hydrogen to achieve efficiencies three times greater than conventional rocket engines.
    • The researchers proposed using the sun to slingshot an experimental spacecraft into interstellar space.

      Engineers at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory are prototyping a previously theoretical rocket design that could someday take spacecraft to interstellar space. Their plan? Use heat from the sun, rather than combustion, to power a rocket engine.

      🌌 You love badass space stuff. So do we. Let’s explore the universe together.

      Unlike a traditional engine that’s mounted on the rear end of a rocket, the experimental solar-powered engine takes the shape of a flat shield made from black carbon foam. The engine would double as a heat shield, protecting the probe from the sun’s powerful rays, while coils of tubing filled with hydrogen lying beneath the

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      Hong Kong, Singapore bubble delay highlights hurdles to travel recovery

      SINGAPORE (Reuters) – A delay to Asia’s first travel bubble between Hong Kong and Singapore has hit the shares of their flag carriers and highlighted the challenges facing the global travel industry as it tries to rebound from the pandemic.

      FILE PHOTO: Cathay Pacific employees, wearing masks against COVID-19, are seen behind counters with glass dividers at Hong Kong International Airport, China October 20, 2020. REUTERS/Lam Yik

      The arrangement was postponed on Saturday, one day before it was due to launch, after Hong Kong reported a jump in coronavirus cases. Authorities and aviation experts have said the bubble would provide a blueprint for quarantine-free travel before a vaccine is widely available.

      “There is no doubt that there are many challenges around it,” said Singapore hotelier Marcus Hanna, who had taken bookings from Hong Kong tourists and hopes for similar arrangements with major markets like mainland

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