Why a county in the State of Jefferson rejected Trump this time

Butte County sits amid a sea of red in Northern California.

This is not blue country.

Tehama, Plumas, Yuba, Sutter, Colusa and Glenn counties form a ring around Butte and all favored President Donald Trump over President-elect Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

Residents of far Northern California generally lean strongly toward Republican candidates in the presidential election, but the community of Butte County occasionally swings slightly left, as it did this year.

“Beyond Butte County, this part of the state is largely rural and agricultural and almost always goes Republican,” said Charles Turner, a professor of political science at California State University Chico. “This is similar to the political culture of eastern Oregon and Washington, which also go Republican. These counties are very white and have libertarian tendencies. I suspect the college educated percentages are lower as well.”

Butte County sits within a region sometimes referred to as the

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Antony Blinken: Biden’s secretary of state nominee is sharp break with Trump era | US news

After reports first emerged on Sunday night that Antony Blinken would be secretary of state in the Biden administration, one interview from his past began circulating on social media.

It was a September 2016 conversation with Grover, a character from Sesame Street, on the subject of refugees, directed at American children who might have new classmates from faraway countries. “We all have something to learn and gain from one another even when it doesn’t seem at first like we have much in common,” Blinken told the fuzzy blue puppet.

After four years of an administration that has separated migrant children from their parents and kept them in cages, Blinken’s arrival at the state department will mark a dramatic change, to say the least.

While Mike Pompeo has remained a domestic politician throughout his tenure as secretary of state, giving the lion’s share of his interviews to conservative radio stations

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Judge rules against Trump global media chief after firings

WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal judge has ruled against the head of the agency that runs the Voice of America and other U.S.-funded news outlets who was accused of trying to turn it into a propaganda vehicle to promote President Donald Trump’s agenda.

The ruling effectively bars U.S. Agency for Global Media CEO Michael Pack from making personnel decisions and interfering in editorial operations.

Pack, a conservative filmmaker, Trump ally and onetime associate of former Trump political adviser Steve Bannon, made no secret of his intent to shake up the agency after taking over in June.

He proceeded to purge the leadership at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Radio Free Asia, Middle East Broadcasting Networks and the Open Technology Fund, which works to provide secure internet access to people around the world. The director and deputy director of VOA resigned just days before the firings. Pack also dismissed their governing boards.

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Opinion | The Lady and the Trump

WASHINGTON — I’ve been riveted all week by the spectacle of the most famous blond phenom on the planet, a child isolated and miserable living inside a national landmark, lashing out and spiraling into self-destructive acts.

But eventually I had to turn off the new season of “The Crown,” focusing on Princess Diana, and drag my attention back to Donald Trump, who is trashing this place before checking out like he’s Axl Rose at a Four Seasons.

Diana and Donald shared a few things in common: their toxic tango with the press, their psychic connection with their fan base, their willingness to blow up norms. They were both “unpredictable meteors,” as Tony Blair once described Di. They both savored sitting in their rooms glued to their own coverage on TV, dialing up their chosen reporters to control the narrative. They were both unhappy at the top, fretting about being undercut.

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After Trump meeting, lawmakers say they’re not aware of details that would ‘change the outcome of the election in Michigan’

Follow live updates from Globe staff and wire reports as Joe Biden has been projected as the winner of the election.

President-elect Joe Biden, accompanied by Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, speaks at The Queen theater, Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020, in Wilmington, Del.

© Andrew Harnik
President-elect Joe Biden, accompanied by Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, speaks at The Queen theater, Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020, in Wilmington, Del.

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Michigan election staff recommends state to OK Biden victory — 9:08 p.m.

By The Associated Press

Michigan’s elections agency on Friday recommended that the Nov. 3 results be certified next week by state canvassers, a decision that would bless Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump but likely not cool partisan strife over the vote.

The recommendation was posted online with the formal Monday meeting notice of the Board of State Canvassers. The guidance came at the end of a stormy week in which Trump summoned Republican state lawmakers to the White House on Friday in an extraordinary

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Dominion: What you need to know about the voting company Trump claims “stole” the election

Egged on by Trump-friendly One America News and lawyers Rudolph W. Giuliani and Sidney Powell, the president has accused Dominion of deleting votes for him with a system that is “horrible, inaccurate and anything but secure.” Trump’s advisers also claim Dominion’s software was created at the behest of former Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez to win that country’s elections.

While there’s no evidence for any of those accusations — The Post’s Fact Checker debunks the alleged ties to Venezuela in detail — they’re bringing fresh attention to the way U.S. elections are run and to private companies like Dominion that have long played a starring role in the process. They’ve also deeply unsettled cybersecurity and election administration experts, who worry that valid concerns about election integrity are now being overshadowed by claims that have no basis in reality.

The bottom line is that private companies do play a huge role in

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Trump lawyer ‘got angry’ when pressed for evidence of voter fraud

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Thursday called out Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell, saying she “got angry” when he asked her for evidence to support her claims of voter fraud.

Rudy Giuliani standing in front of a crowd: Tucker Carlson: Trump lawyer 'got angry' when pressed for evidence of voter fraud

© Greg Nash
Tucker Carlson: Trump lawyer ‘got angry’ when pressed for evidence of voter fraud

During a press conference earlier in the day with Rudy Giuliani, Powell made the allegation that Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems used technology developed by former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, who died in 2013. She claimed votes were manipulated while being tabulated overseas to favor President-elect Joe Biden.

There is no evidence to the claim that votes were manipulated and it has been criticized by a number of conservative officials, including Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), who on Thursday called it “absolutely outrageous.”

Carlson said he repeatedly reached out to Powell for evidence of her claim and invited her on the show. He said

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The Latest: President Trump invites Michigan GOP leaders to White House

DETROIT — President Donald Trump summoned Michigan’s Republican legislative leaders to the White House for a meeting Friday amid a longshot GOP push to overturn the certification of Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the battleground state.

Two people familiar with the matter told The Associated Press that Trump invited Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and House Speaker Lee Chatfield. They agreed to go, according to a state official aware of the leaders’ plans. The two officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were discussing private conversations.

It was not immediately clear what the meeting would be about. Neither Shirkey nor Chatfield commented.

Wayne County Board of Canvassers Chair Monica Palmer, left, talks with Vice Chair Jonathan Kinloch before the board’s Tuesday, Nov. 17 meeting in Detroit. Michigan’s largest county has unanimously certified election results showing Democrat Joe Biden defeating President Donald Trump, hours after Republicans first blocked formal

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Does President Trump have a legal path to reelection?

This is a rush transcript from “Special Report” November 17, 2020. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS HOST : Good evening, I’m Bret Baier. Breaking tonight, Rudy Giuliani makes the president’s case to try to change the election outcome in the key state of Pennsylvania. After the discovery of thousands of uncounted votes in Georgia, that gave the president and his supporters new ammunition in their quest to challenge the results of the election.

Well, the Republican Secretary of State in Georgia, speaking out about why the president fell short as that recount comes to the end. We are also learning more about the president’s plans for U.S. troops in the Middle East.

Chief White House correspondent John Roberts starts us off tonight with a lot of news from the North Lawn. Good evening, John.

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Trump: Expect emergency authorization for COVID-19 vaccine very soon

This is a rush transcript from “Your World with Neil Cavuto” November 13, 2020. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

NEIL CAVUTO, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: All right, John, thank you very, very much.

We are waiting for the president of the United States as well here, again, on this Operation Warp Speed, amid very promising signs from Pfizer and BioNTech that they are still ready for an aggressive launch of their vaccine that could be literally just a matter of days away, weeks at the latest, and that they are ready with about 50 million doses this year.

It could be better than 1.5 billion doses, thanks to partnerships with governments in the United States and in Europe, for next year. There are many others crowding that lane to get various treatments out as well, including, we’re hearing right

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