Got $10,000? These 3 Growth Stocks Could Turbocharge Your Financial Future

Here’s a sobering reality: The investing decisions you make right now will heavily impact what your financial position is when you’re ready to retire. Some investors might automatically think only of the potential for failure. However, the good news is that you can make smart choices today that ultimately set you up for life.

You don’t necessarily need to have a huge amount of money to invest upfront. If you’ve got $10,000, these three growth stocks could turbocharge your financial future.

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1. Innovative Industrial Properties

The country is going to pot — and it presents a great way for you to make a lot of money. I’m referring to the rapid expansion of the U.S. cannabis industry. Innovative Industrial Properties (NYSE:IIPR) stands out as an especially great stock to profit from this marijuana momentum.

IIP ranks as the leader in providing real estate capital for U.S.

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Turbocharge Your Cloud Transformation With Containers And Serverless Technology

VP of Cloud Services at Unisys.

The rise of containers and serverless computing has prompted some folks to ask if the time of the virtual machine (VM) is over. We haven’t reached the end of the VM era yet, but amid the pandemic, we have seen accelerated cloud adoption. This is moving the needle on containers and serverless computing and enabling businesses to optimize further — just as the adoption of virtualization did. Also, with the increased adoption of cloud-based PaaS and SaaS offerings, responsibility for the IaaS layer — including VMs — will continue to shift to cloud service providers.

Gartner, Inc. predicts that 75% of organizations will be running containerized applications in production by 2022. The firm expects public cloud container orchestration and serverless technologies to see the greatest growth in this timeframe.

Containers provide efficiencies and optimization for IT operations. Every VM is packaged with

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The Next Six Months Are Critical: Use Them to Turbocharge Your Business

Most companies have adjusted to pandemic life–they’ve refitted their existing organization to the new environment. But rather than simply adjust, think about the giant opportunity you now have to completely reboot–to take all the promise and unfulfilled potential of your team on a six-month journey toward 10x transformation.

Before the pandemic, you were hopeful, but hungry for fast and focused collaboration and constructive and candid discussion. You were eager, but impatient to see signs of agility from your senior team in the face of change–or to initiate disruptive change. The potential for exponential growth and unrealized innovation maybe felt just out of reach. Look back on the past six months and your team likely did some extraordinary things.

But what about the next six months? There will be great fortunes lost and great fortunes gained in this time of disruption. The world is still waiting for you to fundamentally transform.

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