The Ulanzi ST-09 Turns the Apple Watch Into a Camera Viewfinder

If you’re snapping a quick selfie for social media, the lower quality camera on the front of your smartphone is usually just fine. But what if you want to use the higher quality lenses and camera on the back to film yourself? It means you can’t see the screen and no longer have a live preview of yourself for framing. The solution? A simple clamp attachment for iPhones that turns the Apple Watch into a tiny viewfinder.

At first, the $20 Ulanzi ST-09 Phone Tripod Mount for Apple Watch seems like a foolish use for the $200+ smartwatch strapped to your wrist. But as you think about it more, you realize the mount solves a problem that many amateur vloggers who rely on their smartphones for all of their production needs run into: using the back camera to film yourself is all but impossible (unless you’re standing in front of

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