WisdomTree’s Unconventional Emerging Markets High Dividend Yielding ETF Play (NYSEARCA:DEM)

Brief Thesis

As global demographics start to lean towards more elderly populations, an increasing number of people are looking to shore up retirement obligations and finance life in their twilight years. While sovereign banks have attempted to maintain economies on life support through hyper excessive use of monetary policy, interest rates have been crushed, forcing income investors, many of whom are retirees, to find alternative revenue streams.

With this trend has come the advent of more versatile ETF offerings – some resolutely focused on dividend distributions and other hybrids looking to emulate the safety of bonds with the returns of equity. To that point, I recently redacted an article on Aptus Defined Risk ETF (DRSK) – not exactly a pure dividend play, but another which could fit in the family of income generating plays. It is worth checking out also.

While I remain mildly bullish on dividend-focused ETFs, it goes

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The Unconventional Guide to Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Healthcare and Life Sciences Market

Pune, New York, USA, November 18 2020 (Wiredrelease) Research Dive :This outbreak of COVID is projected to impact the global natural language processing (NLP) in healthcare and life sciences market in the positive manner. During to corona virus emergency period, many healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations across the globe are emphasizing their research activities to evaluate the effect of the virus, and quickly develop accurate and fast solutions. This factor is significantly impacting the demand for NLP technology due to increasing the utilization by researchers. NLP technology can help to find most effective clinical decision support through validation discovery of scientific knowledge and medical records. This factor is projected to accelerate the market growth in the pandemic time.

In addition, many governments are taking several initiatives to support the organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic period. For instance, the UK government has launched future fund for UK-based companies and they can apply

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