UBER driver data helps track and potentially alleviate urban traffic congestion — ScienceDaily

A new machine learning algorithm is poised to help urban transportation analysts relieve bottlenecks and chokepoints that routinely snarl city traffic.

The tool, called TranSEC, was developed at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to help urban traffic engineers get access to actionable information about traffic patterns in their cities.

Currently, publicly available traffic information at the street level is sparse and incomplete. Traffic engineers generally have relied on isolated traffic counts, collision statistics and speed data to determine roadway conditions. The new tool uses traffic datasets collected from UBER drivers and other publicly available traffic sensor data to map street-level traffic flow over time. It creates a big picture of city traffic using machine learning tools and the computing resources available at a national laboratory.

“What’s novel here is the street level estimation over a large metropolitan area,” said Arif Khan, a PNNL computer scientist who

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Tire-related chemical is largely responsible for adult coho salmon deaths in urban streams — ScienceDaily

Every fall more than half of the coho salmon that return to Puget Sound’s urban streams die before they can spawn. In some streams, all of them die. But scientists didn’t know why.

Now a team led by researchers at the University of Washington Tacoma, UW and Washington State University Puyallup have discovered the answer. When it rains, stormwater flushes bits of aging vehicle tires on roads into neighboring streams. The killer is in the mix of chemicals that leach from tire wear particles: a molecule related to a preservative that keeps tires from breaking down too quickly.

This research was published Dec. 3 in Science.

“Most people think that we know what chemicals are toxic and all we have to do is control the amount of those chemicals to make sure water quality is fine. But, in fact, animals are exposed to this giant chemical soup and we

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Trees and green roofs can help reduce the urban heat island effect — ScienceDaily

Air pollution experts from the University of Surrey have found that green infrastructure (GI), such as trees, can help reduce temperatures in many of Europe’s cities and towns.

An urban heat island is an urban area that is significantly warmer than its surrounding rural areas. The temperature difference is typically larger at night than during the day.

With the UK government pledging to build 300,000 new homes every year, it is feared that many of the country’s towns and cities will experience an increase in temperature brought about by more vehicles and building activity.

In a paper published by Environmental Pollution, experts from Surrey’s Global Centre for Clean Air Research (GCARE) modelled how a UK town would be affected if its urban landscape included different types of GI.

The study focused on simulating temperature increases in the town of Guildford, UK, under different GI cover (trees, grassland and green

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Predicting urban water needs — ScienceDaily

The gateway to more informed water use and better urban planning in your city could already be bookmarked on your computer. A new Stanford University study identifies residential water use and conservation trends by analyzing housing information available from the prominent real estate website Zillow.

The research, published Nov. 18 in Environmental Research Letters, is the first to demonstrate how new real estate data platforms can be used to provide valuable water use insights for city housing and infrastructure planning, drought management and sustainability.

“Evolving development patterns can hold the key to our success in becoming more water-wise and building long-term water security,” said study senior author Newsha Ajami, director of urban water policy at Stanford’s Water in the West program. “Creating water-resilient cities under a changing climate is closely tied to how we can become more efficient in the way we use water as our population grows.”


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Reliance buys majority stake in furniture retailer Urban Ladder

CHENNAI (Reuters) – Reliance Industries Ltd said on Sunday it has bought a 96% stake in online furniture retailer Urban Ladder for 1821.2 million rupees ($24.4 million), furthering its attempt to expand its presence in India’s online retail market.

The Indian conglomerate is expanding its so-called new commerce venture, which ties neighbourhood stores to Reliance for online deliveries of groceries, apparel and electronics in a space currently dominated by Walmart Inc’s Flipkart and Amazon.com Inc’s Indian arm.

“The aforesaid investment will further enable the group’s digital and new commerce initiatives and widen the bouquet of consumer products provided by the group,” Reliance said in a filing to exchanges on Sunday.

Reliance Retail Ventures Limited, a unit of Reliance Industries, has an option of buying the remaining stake, the company said, adding that it intends to invest a further 750 million rupees by December 2023.

Reliance Industries, controlled by Asia’s richest

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BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04- The new style of urban two-wheel mobility.

Bmw Motorrad Definition Ce 04- The New Style Of Urban Two-wheel Mobility.

With the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04, the BMW Group is presenting the near-series version of the BMW Motorrad Concept Link at #NEXTGen 2020. As a link between the analogue and digital worlds of the user, the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 is both a means of transport and a means of communication for the urban commuter. With its electric drive, trailblazing design and innovative connectivity solutions, it sets out to redefine the scooter segment.

“Plugged to life” – electrically powered and plugged to the rider’s life.
The electrically powered BMW Motorrad Concept Definition CE 04 has been consistently developed and adapted to meet the everyday needs and requirements of the customer. True to the motto “Plugged to life” it combines the customer’s analogue world with the digital one. In conjunction with the corresponding intelligent rider equipment, a holistic, highly emotional and newly conceived mobility experience is created.

“Electric mobility

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Hyundai looks ahead to new SUVs in 2021 – and urban air taxis by 2028

(Reuters) – South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Co 005380.KS is supercharging its product portfolio next year with the introduction of several new SUVs, while looking even farther out to the launch of its first urban air taxis toward the end of the decade, the company’s top U.S. executive said on Monday.

“We are all-in on autonomous vehicles,” as well as electric vehicles, said Jose Munoz, president and CEO and Hyundai Motor North America, at an Automotive Press Association teleconference.

His remarks come at a time when investment in robo-taxis has slowed, even as the global pandemic has spurred interest in personally-owned vehicles, especially trucks and SUVs.

Hyundai hopes to tap that interest next year with the all-new Santa Cruz, a compact utility vehicle with a pickup bed, and the Ioniq 5 crossover, the first in a series of new all-electric models.

Early next year, the redesigned Tucson compact crossover goes

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