The NIH’s Top Vaccine Maker Wants Warp Speed To Be the New Normal

Are you concerned about the effect that use of the new vaccines will have on ongoing and future trials? I think the ethics of keeping trials going even when a vaccine is available are probably getting worked out now. But what about simply losing potential volunteers because they’re already getting other shots?

That issue will become front and center in the next few weeks. And I think it is a good problem to have. We have a vaccine that’s more effective than we even hoped for. And that means that we now have these ethical issues to address. How long can you really continue a placebo-controlled study, when you have good evidence that your vaccine works?

So what do I consider good evidence? Not a press release from a company, but the FDA looking at the data and saying, “Yes, we agree you have 95 percent efficacy, because we’ve looked

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The Path Forward: Combating COVID-19 with Operation Warp Speed Chief Science Adviser Moncef Slaoui


Moncef Slaoui, Chief Science Adviser, Operation Warp Speed

Dr. Moncef Slaoui is the Chief Advisor to Operation Warp Speed. He brings to the mission extensive experience in vaccine and Medicines development and production from a long career in the field of life sciences.

Dr. Slaoui spent nearly 30 years at GlaxoSmithKline holding a number of leadership positions including member of the board; Chairman of Pharmaceutical R&D; Chairman Global R&D, Vaccines & Oncology; and Chairman, Global Vaccines. As Chairman of Pharmaceutical R&D, Dr. Slaoui led a restructuring to improve focus on innovation and productivity. As Chairman of Global Vaccines, Dr. Slaoui was directly involved in the company’s vaccine pipeline, which led the industry during his time, with the broadest portfolio of vaccines of any company—48—and the creation of 14 new vaccines in ten years. Dr. Slaoui led the development of a number of novel vaccines, including Cervarix, to prevent cervical

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Warp Drive races into Apple Arcade for the holiday weekend


Teleport to the finish line and beat the competition in Warp Drive. 


Apple Arcade on Friday added Warp Drive, a new game from UK indie developer Supergonk, to its growing catalog of over 140 games. You can try your hand at the new futuristic racing game over Thanksgiving weekend across iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod Touch and Apple TV. 

Warp Drive isn’t an average racing game, it ups the ante by letting players teleport —  or warp — around the track to discover hidden shortcuts and courses. Take your quad rotor racer around a track where few rules apply. Compete in tournaments, drive on the ceiling, jump vast canyons and race up waterfalls. Along the way you can upgrade your car to drift and boost to stand a better chance of winning. 

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Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg are stuck in a DC time warp, again

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hot tub time machine 2

Paramount Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures

They say that lockdown living has warped our sense of time, blurring the boundaries between days and making the past seem at once recent and remote. It sure felt that way on Tuesday, as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sat in front of Congress for another grilling.

Haven’t we been here before?

Like the hearings in October and those in July, Tuesday’s rendezvous on Capitol Hill was a bipartisan thrashing of the visiting CEOs, with the legislators serving as proxies for

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