Wristcam lets you take pictures with an Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has never had a camera. Apple may never add one. But one company is giving the Watch the power of sight via a watchband accessory called the Wristcam.

As watchbands go, the Wristcam is a bit of a beast; it looks thick and rigid on the wrist. But there’s a lot of technology inside. The band packs two cameras—an 8-megapixel world-facing camera and a 2-megapixel front-facing selfie camera. Both use Sony sensors (like the iPhone), and both capture high-definition photos and 1080p video.

A large button on the band activates one or the other of the cameras (you double-press to switch between the cameras, single-press for photos, and long-press for video). The Wristcam connects to the Apple Watch via Bluetooth, so that images or video immediately show up within the Wristcam app on the screen of the Watch.

The device has 8 GB of memory, enough to

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WristCam Is A Camera For Your Apple Watch, Built Into The Strap

The first-ever camera for Apple Watch debuted today. It’s called Wristcam, it’s made by a former Apple program manager and a former GoPro engineer, and it offers both an 8-megapixel “world-facing” and a separate 2-megapixel you-facing camera, allowing you to take pictures on the run, or have a video chat with a face on your wrist.

(Insert obligatory Dick Tracy reference here.)

“Living with Wristcam feels a bit like having superpowers … the phone isn’t always within reach, and it’s nice to have a camera handy when going out with friends, or going on a run, ride, or hike with just an Apple Watch,” Ari Roisman, CEO and co-founder of Wristcam, said in a statement. “But it’s Wristcam’s live video capabilities that are truly next level and sci-fi worthy.”

The watch is brand new,

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The Wristcam is a camera for your Apple Watch

A strap for an Apple Watch equipped with front- and rear-facing cameras is finally launching after nearly four years in development. The Wristcam has an 8-megapixel camera that can shoot 1080p video and take stills in 4K resolution and a 2-megapixel camera for selfies. The company says you’ll also be able to use it as a video walkie-talkie with real-time live-streaming.

© Wristcam

Those might be serviceable cameras, but they’re not likely to replace your iPhone camera. The company sent over a sample of images shot by the Wristcam, which are pretty decent, if a bit underwhelming in the details.

a canyon with a mountain in the background: A photo taken with the new Wristcam.

© Image: Wristcam
A photo taken with the new Wristcam.

a tree with a mountain in the background

© Image: Wristcam

a waterfall with a mountain in the background

© Image: Wristcam

Wristcam, originally called CMRA, shows images on the Watch screen but has a separate battery, which the company says can last an entire day. You can take images and video just by pressing a

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Wristcam Is an Ambitious $300 Apple Watch Band With Two Cameras

Wristcam is a $300 Apple Watch band with a 2-megapixel front-facing camera. I know. I know!

Wristcam is a $300 Apple Watch band with a 2-megapixel front-facing camera. I know. I know!
Photo: Wristcam

Everything about the $300 Wristcam for Apple Watch sounds ridiculous on its face. There’s the price, which is more than the entry-level Apple Watch SE. There’s the fact that it requires a separate inductive charger, though it can charge at the same time as your Apple Watch. There’s the product itself, which is a water-resistant watch band that has two built-in cameras: an outward-facing, 8-megapixel lens and a 2-MP selfie lens. I imagine anyone who uses it will look like a really silly spy.

And yet I find myself intrigued. I often use the Apple Watch as a remote control for my iPhone camera—usually when I’m shooting videos of myself for work—so the idea of using the watch itself as a camera is appealing. Apple has come a long way

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Wristcam is a $299 Apple Watch band with a camera

The $299 Wristcam is an Apple Watch band that allows for photography and video calls to be made directly from the watch, without relying on an iPhone’s imaging capabilities.

Launching after five years in development, the Wristcam bills itself as the first camera made for the Apple Watch and is the first smart band to be granted Apple’s “Made for Apple Watch” designation. Rather than using the Apple Watch to remotely trigger cameras on an iPhone, the Wristcam gives the Apple Watch the ability to take images for itself.

The band was initially introduced in 2016 and was open to preorders at that time. Rather than releasing the product, the company instead worked closely with Apple to make it work better with the Apple Watch and get the “Made for Apple Watch” label.

Consisting of an 8-megapixel camera to capture the world and a 2-megapixel camera for

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Watch a Submarine Launch a Torpedo From the Torpedo’s POV

  • For the first time, new footage shows what happens when a submarine launches a torpedo.
  • The footage was obtained by strapping a camera to a practice torpedo.
  • The video was taken aboard a Dutch Navy submarine for a documentary.

    A clip from a new documentary about life aboard a Dutch submarine shows the point of view of a practice torpedo as it’s launched from the torpedo tube of a sub, including the torpedo surfacing for reuse:

    This content is imported from YouTube. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

    One of the least visible aspects of naval warfare is the launch of a torpedo from a submarine. The nature of submarine warfare means nobody ever sees the torpedo tube mechanism and the torpedo ejected from its tube. After loading the torpedo and

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    Watch China spacecraft land on the moon in this amazing video

    A spectacular video from China’s Chang’e 5 lander spacecraft revealsits successful touchdown on the moon as it  softly set down to collect the first lunar samples in 44 years.

    China's Chang'e 5 moon lander captures these views of its descent to the lunar surface on Dec. 1, 2020.

    © Provided by Live Science
    China’s Chang’e 5 moon lander captures these views of its descent to the lunar surface on Dec. 1, 2020.

    The 49-second, sped-up video was captured by a camera underneath the Chang’e 5 lander as it passed over the vast Oceanus Procellarum (“Ocean of Storms”) while aiming for a safe landing site on Tuesday  (Dec. 1). The black-and-white footage shows peaks on the horizon before the spacecraft moves into a vertical position to begin its powered descent onto the surface. Another video, released by China’s CCTV news network, shows Chang’e 5’s sample-collection arm drilling into the lunar surface as it collected samples. (We combined them into one in the video above.)

    In pictures: China on the moon!

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    Apple Cyber Week deals: MacBook, Apple Watch, AirPods, more

    Black Friday has passed, and we’ve now moved on to Cyber Week — a time when retailers are still offering promotions on various tech products. Overall, deals have been ready for a lot longer this year they in previous years, thanks to the pandemic. 

    Apple products, in general, don’t typically receive huge discounts, even during the holidays. However, this year, we’re seeing some deals on Apple products ranging from MacBooks to iPads and Apple Watches to AirPods. Apple’s new iPhone 12 models are also on sale, but the deals depend on your wireless carrier and hinge a lot of the time on if you’re willing to switch to a competitor. Below are some of the best deals on Apple products we could find.

    Up to $250 off at Best Buy


    Best Buy has MacBook Pro models marked down up to $250 right now. It doesn’t appear any of the discounted

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    What Are The Best Tech Stocks To Watch In December? 3 Names To Know

    3 Top Tech Stocks To Consider In December

    To say that tech stocks have been flourishing this year is an understatement. Understandably, the coronavirus pandemic contributed to top tech stocks’ growth in the stock market so far. Tech companies such as Amazon (AMZN Stock Report) and Netflix (NFLX Stock Report) are flying high as their share prices are up by over 50% year-to-date. In light of this, tech stocks have been in the scopes of both new and seasoned investors. How have some of the best tech stocks remained so seemingly sturdy, you might ask?

    For one thing, people need technology regardless of where they may be. The fact remains that there will always be a demand for technology even after the coronavirus pandemic ends. For this reason, long-term viability could be why investors are still flocking to tech stocks even now. To illustrate, we only need to look at

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    Watch | Hi-tech translation masks

    The boom in mask-wearing around the world has effected a large range of high-tech face coverings. Tech companies and researchers are producing varied ranges of masks to cash in on the growing trend.

    In Japan, Donut Robotics has created a mask that acts as a translator. The company raised nearly 100 million yen via crowdfunding to develop it.

    The “C-Face” mask transmits the wearer’s speech to a smartphone via an app. It can translate speech from Japanese into English, Korean and other languages.

    The “C-Face” mask helps users adhere to social distancing. It allows people to have a conversation while keeping up to 10 metres distance.

    But the lightweight silicone device does not offer protection from COVID-19 on its own. It is designed to be worn over a regular face covering.

    The “C-Face” mask will go on sale in February 2021, for about 4,000 yen.

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