Wellcome has a new trust in technology

(Image sourced via the Wellcome Collection)

Eileen Jennings-Brown has a diversity challenge. As Head of Technology for the Wellcome Trust, the independent global charitable foundation, she has a diverse set of internal and external customers, and each believes they have unique technology requirements. But the technology leader from Scotland and her team have developed a common operating model for the entire organisation, and also methods to meet specialist requirements.

Wellcome supports science to solve the urgent health challenges facing everyone. We support discovery research into life, health and wellbeing, and we’re taking on three worldwide health challenges: mental health, global heating and infectious diseases.

Headquartered in central London, Wellcome owes its philanthropic heritage to an American, Sir Henry Welcome, who moved to the UK in 1880 to set up a pharmacy business, one which thrived and became one of the most important global makers of treatments and invented the pill.

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