Let Salesforce Billionaire Benioff Land His Trendy Tech Whale

Benioff ended up abandoning the approach for Twitter as ongoing discussions dragged the shares even lower. Slack looks like a more natural fit for his company than the social media firm, but the CEO is still, characteristically, asking for a lot of faith from investors. If the latter can swallow a high-looking price, then maybe that faith would be justified over the longer term.

If Salesforce were to pay a premium to Slack’s undisturbed share price of 30% (a fairly typical amount in M&A), it would value the messaging software maker at some $21 billion, including net cash. The snag is that Slack is not expected to generate any meaningful operating profit for years. So judged through the prism of returns on invested capital, payback from a deal would be many years off.

Indeed, Slack’s stock is already trading above the 30% premium level, indicating that the market expects a

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Fifty years ago, Oregon exploded a whale with a half-ton of dynamite

The spectacular failure, and the remarkable local newscast that captured the event, have since become enshrined in Oregon history, so beloved that Florence residents voted to name a park earlier this year after the detonated sea mammal. To celebrate the event’s 50th anniversary on Thursday, the Oregon Historical Society released a remastered video of the original broadcast and the TV station interviewed the former employees who recorded it.

“I was asked about it, virtually every day of my life, or commented on it, by everybody, strangers alike,” Paul Linnman, the on-camera reporter, told KATU.

When the whale washed ashore on Nov. 9, 1970, as Linnman reported at the time, it had been so long since the community had encountered a beached cetacean that no one knew how to dispose of the animal.

As officials pondered the problem, the body began to decay, festering until the surrounding beach smelled of rot.

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