Anie Akpe: Breaking Barriers for African Women in Technology and Business

Our current series features interviews by a character named Spiffy, with founders working on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. For December, the focus is on SDG 5 – Gender Equality and SDG 10 – Reduced Inequalities. There is so much at stake, so let’s see what’s being done!

Hi everyone! I’m Spiffy, your interplanetary journalist reporting from Planet Earth with an eye on entrepreneurs making a difference on climate change. Today I’m interviewing Anie Akpe, founder of African Women In Technology.

Spiffy: Hi Anie, I’m quite excited to hear about your work! Can you tell me what challenges you have uncovered and how you’re trying to address them?

Anie: Thanks so much for having me, Spiffy! Did you know that women play a major role in growing Africa’s economy through entrepreneurship?

Spiffy: Really?

Anie: Yes! Women’s contribution to business in the areas of craft, agriculture, personal services and retail

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Link found between drought and HIV among women in less-developed countries — ScienceDaily

Current research predicts that by 2025, 1,800 million people are expected to be living in countries or regions with insufficient water resources, and models show increased severity of droughts in years to come. Food insecurity and other consequences of droughts will become intensified, influencing disease vulnerabilities among populations in less-developed countries. New research from Kelly Austin, associate professor of sociology at Lehigh University, explores how droughts shape gender inequalities in the HIV burden, indirectly through increased food insecurity.

The paper, “Drying Climates and Gender Suffering: Links Between Drought, Food Insecurity, and Women’s HIV in Less-Developed Countries,” is published in Social Indicators Research.

This study builds on previous attempts to explain women’s disproportionate share of global HIV cases through biological, cultural and socioeconomic inequalities by bringing the environment and climate-related disasters into the discussion.

“While many infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS do not have a direct link to the environment in

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British High Commission Cyprus webinar series: technology and women

The British High Commission in Cyprus continues its insightful webinar series with an interview with Amanda Pinot QC, who shares her views on the effects COVID-19 has had on the world. The webinar reveals how elements of the UK adapted to the pandemic and how a #DynamicUK continues to innovate to face challenges.

Pinto, who is chairing the Bar Council for 2020 was interviewed by acclaimed lawyer Christophoros Christophi, about the challenges that the legal sector faces, from a legal practitioner’s point of view.

Pinto’s webinar covers two highly insightful and important topics. The first topic analyzes technology, legal technology, the impact of COVID-19 in the legal profession and where the balance lies in justice for the future.

Pinto speaks about the impact of COVID-19, on the ways in which courts and tribunals practice justice and how technology has better enabled access to justice.

When we talk about technology and

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Five Jobs In Tech For Women Who Don’t Want To Code

By: Dayana Mayfield

If you’re a woman who wants to learn how to code, please do. We need you. But if you don’t want to code, there are still plenty of ways to work in the future-proof tech industry.

Thankfully, there are organizations working hard to change the fact that there’s only one woman software engineer for every five men. Black Girls Code, Women Who Code, Girls Who Code, and many other nonprofit groups are ensuring that more females will enter the fields of computer science, robotics, and software engineering.

Still, there are plenty of women who don’t want to learn to code at the skill level required to make it those professions. Part of the gender gap in tech is due to the fact that many people equate a career in tech with highly technical skills. Women

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Balloting Opens For 2021 Women In Technology Awards

Nominations are now being accepted for TVNewsCheck’s 2021 Women in Technology Awards.

Presented each year at the National Association of Broadcasters convention, the Women in Technology Awards occur in three categories.

The Women in Technology Leadership Award recognizes women who have contributed significantly toward advancing the media and entertainment industry technologically.

The Women in Technology Futurist Award recognizes women who have pioneered new technologies or significantly influenced the development of new media and entertainment industry technology.

The Technology Women to Watch Award shines a spotlight on women in media and entertainment who show significant promise of advancing their industry technologically.

2021 Women in Technology Awards LogoTo nominate yourself or a colleague for a 2021 award, please download ballots here. 

All three awards support the National Association of Broadcasters Leadership Foundation’s Technology Apprenticeship Program, ( which provides engineering and technology training and industry internships to upper college students in order to build a stronger and

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Coalition Against Stalkerware’s One Year Anniversary Recognizes Milestones, New Members and Celebrates UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

WOBURN, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women also coincides closely with the Coalition Against Stalkerware’s one year anniversary. In its first year, the Coalition has more than doubled its membership, expanding both in geography and expertise in its partners including domestic violence advocacy and direct service organizations, IT security vendors, mobile security companies, privacy solutions providers, an association of technology journalists, and organizations focused on cyber safety.

For some years, the problem of stalkerware has been on the rise. Non-profit organizations are experiencing a growing number of survivors seeking help with the problem, and cybersecurity companies are detecting a consistent increase in these harmful applications. Launched in November 2019, the Coalition Against Stalkerware became an important organization dedicated to protecting consumers from abuse, stalking and harassment via commercially-available surveillance software.

Stalkerware programs enable an abuser to intrude into a person’s private

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Celebrating 2020 She Loves Tech’s Global Startup Competition, Conference and the 25th Anniversary of World Women Conference | News

SINGAPORE, Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The 6th annual She Loves Tech Global Startup Competition and Conference successfully concluded this November 21st & 22nd. As the world’s largest startup competition for women and technology, this year, She Loves Tech held competitions in 30+ countries and 6 continents around the world, and completely virtual for the first time. CogniCor, an artificial intelligence platform representing North America, won the first place, and a $15,000 cash prize from Teja Ventures, the first gender lens VC fund for emerging Asia, focusing on early stage technology companies for the She-Economy.

SukiPlus, a supply-chain finance platform from the Philippines, also received a $10,000 award from Asian Development Bank Ventures. “This year, we have seen women playing leading roles in technological innovation – including agritech, fintech, healthcare, edtech, smart cities, cleantech, consumption & retail, and women’s issues – innovations

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Stephanie Espy discusses importance of women in STEM

On Thursday, the Berkeley Forum hosted author and UC Berkeley alumna Stephanie Espy for an online discussion on the importance of closing the gender gap in STEM careers.

Espy graduated from UC Berkeley in 2004 with a master’s degree in chemical engineering. She addressed her personal experiences working in engineering industries, as well as her current efforts in encouraging young women to pursue careers in STEM, or science, technology, engineering and math.

“I was the only female engineer in my department, so it was a mental check for me,” Espy said during the event. “Where are the women, and specifically, where are the women of color?”

In hopes of providing young girls with role models of women in STEM, Espy wrote the book, “STEM Gems: How 44 Women Shine in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and How You Can Too!”

For the book, Espy interviewed 44 women in STEM careers

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Telegram Still Hasn’t Removed an AI Bot That’s Abusing Women

In one Telegram group chat about the bot, its owner says that Telegram has blocked mentions of its name. However, WIRED was unable to confirm this or any action taken by Telegram. Neither Telegram’s spokesperson or the service’s founder, Pavel Durov, responded to requests for comment. The company, which is believed to be based in Dubai but has servers all around the world, has never publicly commented about the harm caused by the Telegram bot or its continued position to allow it to operate.

Since it was founded in 2013, Telegram has positioned itself as a private space for free speech, and its end-to-end encrypted mode has been used by journalists and activists around the world to protect privacy and evade censorship. However, the messaging app has run into trouble with problematic content. In July 2017, Telegram said it would create a team of moderators to remove terrorism-related content after

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A ‘Catalyst’ for Growth? Chief Scientist and CEO, June Lai Represents Future for Women in Science & Tech > CEOWORLD magazine

Meet June Lai, the CEO, and scientist behind the high-performance and award-winning manufacturer of protective and stylish smartphone and smart tablet cases, Catalyst.

Consumer technology is no doubt changing, as the race towards mass adoption of artificial intelligence (A.I.), augmented reality (AR), and blockchain technologies continues. But the stories that still go unnoticed are those narratives of how these technologies have come to be.

Every year, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) puts on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, attracting tens of thousands of consumers from all parts of the world. It’s products galore for the everyday tech enthusiast.

But for CEOs, C-Suite executives, and other badass entrepreneurs, it is a very different experience. In recent years, we have seen an increase of women in technology, which in my opinion, should have been highlighted and emphasized way more than it has been–a story for another time.


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