A Window Into The Future Of Work

Upwork, the globe’s largest remote talent platform, posts three million jobs and transacts $1 billion of work each year. It recently released Freelance Forward 2020: The U.S. Independent Workforce Reportbased on insights from 6,000 U.S. workers about the impact of COVID-19. It shows that 12% of the workforce started freelancing during the pandemic for the first time.

All up, 59 million people are freelancing – that’s more than a third of our total workforce. Some 36% of them freelance full time, which is eight percent up on last year. For those who left a job to freelance, only a quarter are making less income than previously. Half of freelancers are highly skilled, offering services such as in computer programming, marketing, IT and business consulting, etc. And it’s not just Millennials who freelance. Half

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Laserfiche Showcases the Latest Cloud Solutions Enabling Remote Work and Business Continuity at GITEX Technology Week 2020

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Dec. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Laserfiche  — the leading global provider of intelligent content management and business process automation, will showcase the latest developments in SaaS content services platform technology accelerating the Middle East’s digital transformation as virtual exhibitors at GITEX Technology Week 2020. Attendees will learn the benefits of using Laserfiche to increase remote collaboration capabilities establish long-term business continuity and build an effective digital workplace during major disruptions such as COVID-19. The largest technology show in the region, GITEX will take place Dec. 6-10, 2020, both in-person at the Dubai World Trade Centre and as a virtual event.

“GITEX has always been a valuable opportunity for Laserfiche to showcase the latest solutions and customer stories,” said Laserfiche Account Manager for the MENA region Anson Wong. “We are excited to share content management, remote work and process automation solutions, as well as

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Work from home brings new freedom, new distractions and new definition of ‘the office’

The office of When I Work, a downtown Minneapolis software company, looks like many other trendy workplaces with its industrial-chic design, minimalist sofas, bright kitchen and free coffee.

Its leaders have decided workers no longer have to work in it. Ever.

“This is how we’ll be forever,” said Martin Hartshorne, the company’s chief executive. “We are indefinitely remote.”

Hartshorne isn’t giving up on the office entirely, but it won’t be the flywheel of When I Work, which makes software that manages schedules of hourly workers.

The tech company has 27 job openings and a new marketing line on its website that declares: “You can work here and live wherever you choose.”

“We’re not going to be dependent on real estate ever again,” said Hartshorne, who was hired in March and has been working from his home in Toronto. “It’ll be for seeing each other, for bonding, for team building. People

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Lamar Alexander Pleads with Senators to Work Together in Farewell Speech

new video loaded: Lamar Alexander Pleads with Senators to Work Together in Farewell Speech



Lamar Alexander Pleads with Senators to Work Together in Farewell Speech

Senator Lamar Alexander, Republican of Tennessee, delivered a final message to his colleagues during a farewell speech, saying that the Senate had lost its way and needed to change. Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader and a close friend to Mr. Alexander, grew emotional during his final remarks.

“Well, you may say the Senate isn’t solving some big problems. And you would be right. We’re not even voting on some big problems, sometimes because the majority doesn’t bring it up and sometimes the minority obstructs. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to gum up the works in a body of 100 that operates mostly by unanimous consent. But here’s my different view of why we’re here. It’s hard to get

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Salesforce’s Mega Bid For Slack Comes As CIOs Rethink Tech Needs For The Future Of Work

Much of the coverage of Salesforce’s decision to bid for Slack in a transaction valued at $27.7 billion has focused on the intense rivalry with Microsoft, whose Teams collaboration software offering has been outpacing Slack’s growth during the pandemic. But a significant shift is taking place in IT planning that creates an even more powerful commercial logic for the combination of the two software companies—and it’s a shift that’s likely to fuel more enterprise tech M&A in the year ahead.

CIOs and other tech leaders are now looking towards a future in which many more employees are allowed to work remotely for all or part of every week than before the Covid-19 pandemic began. A recent report from research firm Forrester estimates that while less than a

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How Fortnite Bounties, NPCs, And Gold Bars Work

Fortnite Season 5 brings with it plenty of Mandalorian content, so it makes sense that some of the new challenges are bounties. He is a bounty hunter, after all. You’ll be able to complete these bounties, tracking down and eliminating targets on the map in exchange for rewards. We’ll explain how to make sense of them so you can reap the benefits.

How To Complete Bounties

There are new NPCs to talk to around the map, and among other things, they offer two types of missions: bounties and quests. Both of these reward you with the new gold bar currency, which can then be traded in to NPCs for various rewards (more on that below.) Bounties involve hunting down a specific player within a time limit, while quests involve other objectives, such as visiting certain locations, using consumables, and so on.

After selecting a bounty, kill the specific player

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These are the best places to work

Spoiler alert: Companies that provide better benefits and greater flexibility to working parents are seeing a return on their investment, according to “Parents at the Best Workplaces” conducted by Maven and Great Place to Work.

COVID-19 changed the way we work, perhaps for good. Remote working policies that focus on greater flexibility and different ways of measuring productivity have emerged since the pandemic forced many employers to reassess what it takes to engage workers. This is particularly true when it comes to measuring the contributions of working parents (particularly women), many of whom are juggling remote learning for their kids in addition to their own responsibilities.

Polling over 400,000 working parents, Great Place to Work’s data science team analyzed data from the workers who answered more than 60 questions on its Trust Index survey to come up with a list of current best employers for working parents. In addition to

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Don’t Let Vaccines Close Your Window To Reshape The Future Of Work

I’ve participated in dozens of meetings with senior executives in recent months to talk about the future of work (including at my own firm, BCG). I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard something like, “It’s still early. We’re waiting to see how this whole remote thing plays out.” And now with a vaccine on the horizon people are talking again about “going back” to work – implying largely going back to the way it used to be.

It’s all I can do to keep from jumping through the screen, shaking them and screaming, “Wait for it

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The Future of Work in 2021


No one could have predicted what 2020 would bring. Across every industry, we have learned the true meaning of digital transformation. That is, reimagining businesses to better serve customers and understand their needs, and having the agility to respond to changing circumstances. Where many organisations may have thought previously that digital transformation was a nice-to-have, today it is an imperative.

With a new year will come a new set of challenges. While there will always be unknowns, we can expect businesses to increasingly look to technology to help them survive, recover and grow. Flexibility will be key to delivering the digital-first experiences that customers demand. Access to data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools will help companies to revolutionise their customer experience. What’s more, in 2021 customers will increasingly expect companies to deliver demonstrable positive impact on the communities they serve. 

The development of technology will continue to shape the

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Foreign-student work permit OPT upheld in court

A federal judge has ruled that a controversial work-permit program for foreign students will survive a challenge from a union representing U.S. technology workers that wanted it killed.

A who’s who of Bay Area tech giants including Google, Apple, Facebook, Uber, Tesla, HP, Oracle and Salesforce had joined the fight, seeking to protect the Optional Practical Training program — which is often used as a path to an H-1B visa. In a court filing last year, they argued that the program, which gives foreign students and graduates up to three years to live and work in the U.S., expands job opportunities for American workers by spurring economic activity.

The Washington Alliance of Technology Workers sued the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in 2014. It claimed the agency used the OPT program to get around the numerical cap on H-1B visas, which are intended for jobs requiring specialized skills, and that

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