Jupiter and Saturn will come close enough to form first ‘double planet’ visible in nearly 800 years

In the complex dance of the solar system, two celestial bodies about to partner up.

a star filled sky with Gallery Arcturus in the background: Jupiter and Saturn have been appearing increasingly closer in the night sky, and they will appear to overlap as a “double planet” on Dec. 21.

Jupiter and Saturn have been appearing increasingly closer in the night sky, and they will appear to overlap as a “double planet” on Dec. 21.

Jupiter and Saturn often look far apart — two separate specks puncturing different parts of the night sky. But later this month, the two largest planets in the solar system will come so close to each other that they may appear to be overlapping, according to NASA, creating a kind of “double planet” that has not been visible since the Middle Ages.


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Skywatch: What’s happening in the heavens in December

The once-in-a-lifetime sight is the product of an astronomical event known as a “conjunction,” in which two objects line up with each other in the sky. When it involves Jupiter and Saturn catching up to each other, it’s

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Rutgers-led study sheds light on subsurface melting of thick ice billions of years ago — ScienceDaily

The most habitable region for life on Mars would have been up to several miles below its surface, likely due to subsurface melting of thick ice sheets fueled by geothermal heat, a Rutgers-led study concludes.

The study, published in the journal Science Advances, may help resolve what’s known as the faint young sun paradox — a lingering key question in Mars science.

“Even if greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and water vapor are pumped into the early Martian atmosphere in computer simulations, climate models still struggle to support a long-term warm and wet Mars,” said lead author Lujendra Ojha, an assistant professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences in the School of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. “I and my co-authors propose that the faint young sun paradox may be reconciled, at least partly, if Mars had high geothermal heat in its past.”

Our sun

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Ceramic Coating Market Exceed Industry Evolution in forthcoming Years 2020-2029 | Bodycote plc, Praxair S.T. Technology Inc

The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

Dec 03, 2020 (WiredRelease via Comtex) —
A consciously conceived and designed business intelligence report titled Global Ceramic Coating market 2020 by Manufacturers, Type, and Application, Forecast to 2029 by MarketResearch.biz discloses a succinct analysis of the regional spectrum, market size, and revenue forecast about the market. This report sheds light on the vital developments along with other events happening in the global Ceramic Coating market which is marking on the enlargement and opening doors for outlook growth in the coming years.

This is the latest report, covering the current COVID-19/Corona Virus pandemic impact on the market which has affected every aspect of life globally. This has brought along several changes in market conditions and the Business areas. The rapidly changing market scenario and initial and future assessment of the impact are covered in the Ceramic Coating

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This Year’s Top 10 Business Books Will Help You Chart A Successful Future

In case you’re worried about what to get the boss for the holidays, worry no more! Here is my annual top 10 list of the best business books of the year. There is something here for everyone—books on leadership, HR, motivation, marketing and, of course, customer service and experience. If you’re wondering if these books are ranked in a specific way, the answer is no. They just happened to be stacked on my desk in this order. So, here are my favorite books from 2020:

1.      Fanocracy: Turning Fans into Customers and Customers into Fans by David Meerman Scott and Reiko Scott (Portfolio/Penguin) – You don’t have to be a sports team or a celebrity to have fans. This book provides a step-by-step guide on how to turn a typical customer into a raving fan. There are plenty of entertaining yet

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Jupiter and Saturn to appear closest in night sky in hundreds of years

Keep a close look at the sky in December and you may see a very rare event.

Keep a close look at the night sky in December and you may see a rare occurrence between the two biggest planets in our solar system.

From now until Dec. 21, Jupiter and Saturn will continue to get closer until they are just 0.1 degrees apart and form a “double planet,” according to NASA. And there’s a chance you’ll be able to see it for yourself.

The space agency describes the rarity of the 2020 event in-depth in its December Skywatching page. The rare event is officially called a “great conjunction.”

“These occur every 20 years this century as the orbits of Earth, Jupiter, and Saturn periodically align making these two outer planets appear close together in our nighttime sky,” NASA writes.

NASA program

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Global Smartphone Production Sets Highest QoQ Growth in Recent Years with 20% Increase in 3Q20 with Apple set for Strong Calendar Q4


In 3Q20, the smartphone industry benefitted from the gradual easing of pandemic containment measures worldwide, the arrival of year-end holiday season, and the expanded production targets by smartphone brands looking to capture Huawei’s lost market share, according to TrendForce. These factors together drove up global smartphone production to 336 million units in 3Q20, a 20% increase QoQ, which is the highest QoQ growth in recent years.


Looking ahead to 4Q20, TrendForce believes that the Huawei sanctions will continue to influence the smartphone market. The competing brands will remain aggressive in component procurement and maintain a high production level.


In Q3-20 Apple posted a small QoQ increase of 2% in its iPhone production to 42 million units for 3Q20. This result mainly has to do with the delay in the launch of the iPhone 12 series.


Regarding 4Q20, Apple will substantially improve its performance. Although the models under the 12 series

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Get a Head Start on Your New Year’s Resolution. Learn to Code With This $40 Training.

Every entrepreneur could benefit from learning how to code. When you can code, you can save thousands of dollars on contract fees, technology, and more since you can just do everything yourself. When you have an idea, you can implement it on your own. When that great new app idea hits you in the middle of the night, you can start building it the next morning. That’s why learning to code is such a boon for entrepreneurs. You can do just that in The Complete Web Developer Coding Bundle.

This extensive 14-course bundle covers some of today’s most important coding languages, from JavaScript and C# to HTML and Python. You’ll learn from some of the web’s best instructors, like Joseph Delgadillo (4.2 stars) and Avetis Ghukasyan (4.5 stars). The coursework takes a hands-on approach

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After 100 years, Cornell University plant pathologists revisit fire blight hypothesis

After 100 years, Cornell University plant pathologists revisit fire blight hypothesis
Fly feeding on the ooze droplet in the experimental chamber. Credit: Matthew Boucher

Historically credited as being the first bacterium ever characterized as a plant pathogen, fire blight is a bacterial disease that leads to significant losses of pear and apple. The role of insects in the spread of this disease has been long studied. In a new study, plant pathologists based at Cornell University and Cornell AgriTech take a hypothesis that has been more or less ignored for 100 years and provided support for its validity.

According to first author Matthew Boucher, the study describes a long hypothesized but never experimentally supported transmission mechanism for fire blight. Boucher and colleagues show that flies in an apple orchard can acquire the bacterial agent (Erwinia amylovora) of fire blight from sugary droplets exuding from diseased apple trees and subsequently transmit the bacterium to uninfected shoots so long as those

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Visualizing 50 Years Of Gaming History, By Revenue Stream (1970-2020)

Courtesy of ZeroHedge

Every year it feels like the gaming industry sees the same stories—record sales, unfathomable market reach, and questions of how much higher the market can go. We’re already far past the point of gaming being the biggest earning media sector, with an estimated $165 billion revenue generated in 2020.It’s important to break down shifting growth within the market. From Visual Capitalist’s Omri Wallach:

gaming revenue visualized

Research from Pelham Smithers shows that while the tidal wave of gaming has only continued to swell, the driving factors have shifted over the course of gaming history.

1970–1983: The Pre-Crash Era

At first, there was Atari.

Early prototypes of video games were developed in labs in the 1960s, but it was Atari’s release of Pong in 1972 that helped to kickstart the industry.

The arcade table-tennis game was a sensation, drawing in consumers eager to play and companies that started to produce their

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New Study Finds These Tropical Fish Can Live To Be Over 80 Years Old

How long do fish live? 10 years? Twenty? Try over 80 years, according to new research on snappers.

Before now, the oldest known snapper was recorded at 60 years old, two decades younger than findings recently published in the journal Coral Reefs. Does this twenty-year age gap matter? According to fisheries scientist and the study’s lead author Dr. Brett Taylor, it matters quite a bit.

Snappers serve as an important food source around the world. Despite the snapper’s importance, the global snapper fishery is, in large part, poorly managed. This, combined with the high market value of some snapper species, led the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to officially label red snapper as ‘at risk’ for illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing and market fraud in 2015.

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