The world’s best smartphone is a Black Friday bargain – see these Samsung S20 Plus deals

Right here at TechRadar, we deem the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus as the best smartphone currently on the market. The incredible power, the sensational 6.7-inch screen, the superb cameras, the 5G connectivity. It really does have it all – including, now, excellent Black Friday deals.

That’s why seeing these Black Friday phone deals is so exciting, landing you the handset with a beefy load of data for an exceptional monthly rate.

Two O2 tariffs lead the way. The first gets you a healthy 100GB allowance – on top of the standard unlimited minutes and texts – for only £34 a month. Yes, there is a £129.99 upfront cost, but for this affordable monthly outgoing, this is certainly one of the best S20 Plus deals yet.

The second ditches the upfront spend altogether and, while the bills go up to £41 a month – the data flies up to a scarcely believable 250GB. More than enough for all your streaming, surfing and downloading needs.

The best Black Friday Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus deals:

Like the idea of the world’s best handset, but want to keep the size – or costs – a bit smaller? Then now’s a fantastic time for Samsung S20 deals, too…

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus deals: #1 best phone

What exactly does 2020 Samsung flagship technology look like? Well, to start with, the cameras are better than ever, offering up a feature-heavy collection of lenses – ultra-wide, wide-angle, telephoto and even depth vision technology.

With the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus you’ll receive a 6.7-inch AMOLED display and 4500mAh battery, a 120Hz display refresh rate and some absolutely amazing zoom features.

While you could go for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra deals or the larger S20 Ultra, this feels like the best mix of value and cost Samsung has right now, especially considering its high-end processing power at a low cost.

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