You Can Now Take Measurements on Your iPhone! Know How!

If you have recently updated your iPhone’s operating system to iOS 12, you may have noticed the new app named “Measure.” Basically, the app is a measuring tape and a ruler all in one and you can use it to get rough measurements of the items around you. The app released by Apple is capable of using augmented reality to measure objects using your phone’s camera!

You Can Now Take Measurements on Your iPhone

However, one needs to bear in mind that since iOS 12 is in its Beta stage, the app may or may not be updated as per Apple’s wishes. Given how handy the app is, we definitely hope that the feature is here to stay.

Here’s how you can use the app to take measurements:

Use Measure for Straight Lines

  1. Launch the Measure app, the app will give you a prompt asking you to move your iPhone around so that the app can analyze the object that you wish to measure.
  2. Point your phone’s camera towards the object and move it around until you see a white circle with a dot in the center.
  3. Align the dot with the corner of the item that you wish to measure and press the white button bearing the “+” sign in the middle. If you have aligned your camera properly, the dot will snap to the corner as you approach the object.
  4. Once you have pressed the measuring button, move slowly from one end to the other. Once you reach the other end, press the measure button again. If you make any mistake while taking the measurement, use the Undo or the Clear button located in the top-left and top-right corners (respectively) of your screen.
  5. Follow the steps given above to once again begin taking the measurements. If in case you did not manage to cover the ends, instead of doing over, use your finger to drag the end-point dots on to move it to the desired starting/end point.
  6. The measurement will be displayed on your screen along with the trajectory that you have followed to measure the object.
  7. If you wish to save the measurement, click on the shutter icon present on the bottom right corner of your screen. A photo of the measurement will be taken and stored on your device. You can copy the measurement by tapping on the measurement and choosing copy from the pop-up menu.

With the Measure app, you can take quick measurements without having to rummage through your kitchen drawers while looking for the measuring tape. It may not be accurate enough to start carpentry using the app, but it is useful enough to get an approximate idea about the length and breadth of your furniture.

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